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No dash lights or I radio when I put in the key in and when I start car no turnover, clicking, nothing. I JUSTIN drove the all week last week and it was fine. I did unlock the trunk and I was told i may have set a kill switch. Anyone have any ideas?
My uncles z3 has been sitting parked in the weather for 5 years. I put the key in the ignition and it will not turn and the steering column is locked as well. The key opens all doors and it’s the right one. I just got a new battery and thought maybe that would fix the problem. If that doesn’t work is there something else I could do. Thank you for any help in advance.
Could not pass an emission test; two possible problems - Fuel cap leak and thermostat not working properly were listed as possible problems
WHEN BACKING THEN STOPPING, , ONLY FOR A MINUTE, LOUD SQUEAL IN FRONT END. OK, it's definitely much louder when first starting the car in the morning, ( 60ish degrees outside) backing down (slight decline driveway) driveway to the street. Stops after about 30 seconds. When starting car after it's been sitting in the sun all day at work and backing out on flat surface, the sound is still noticeable, but much quieter.
1999 BMW Z3 2.5 : dimmer / rheostat on headlight switch doesn't work. Switch is pull -out type mounted on dash, turn when on to control instrument panel lights. All lights work correctly except dimmer function, leaving no instrument panel lights . So can't see speed, oil, rpm, etc. All lights come on when key is turned on, so it's not the bulbs; checked the fuses also.
Seems like headlight switch unit needs to be replaced. Any help? Thanks
Replaced Thermostat and Radiator
attached to the roll bar
Can't figure out why right turn signal want work?
First time it happened, first turn the key, nothing, then clicking sound, then start, battery , starter, fuse ?
There was antifreeze that leaked out
fuse for airbag
The creaking does not seem to occur when car is at speed but only when going very slow turning the steering wheel.
I pull over and shut it off, then restart it again and everything works fine for about 5 to 10 minnutes, the it all happens again. What is up with this?
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