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ABC red light is on all the time and I can't select any other function on the steering wheel thumb switch. Car is level with no other apparent suspension issues. I see no leaks and the hydraulic reservoir is full. Can I still drive the car until the problem is fixed?
Can it be fixed?
Checked voltage on borh bateries getting 12.59 to 13+
Cannot remember how to open key fob
ABC system is in red on dash. Stop car too low. Car has dropped to low on the drivers side rear. 2 quotes I've gotten are extremely high. I need to find the cheapest possible fix.
I raised my soft top and the front locked in place! I had replaced the front cylinders! After the front locks in place, the rear window will not go down! It keeps popping up and down! Any ideas?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing helps
How long have you had this problem? Past few days
Appears that the top is stuck to the windshield. The windows go down and the back releases and then it just stops.
How long have you had this problem? About a month.
Regular basis rear battery drains due to voltage leak.
replace mass air flow sensor 1998sl/500
Now charging system not working I checked fuses they are all are good
Any ideas,?
dash board says electric consumer off line can this be rebooted
damage, I am able to pull the shell about an inch away from the mounting bracket on the leading edge of the door, just aft of the A pillar. It looks like it should re-attach and secure the shell to the mount by exerting pressure so the hinge mechanism grabs the inside mounting bracket plate, but no luck there.
sideview mirror has come loose.
Not detached, but appears the retaining hinge-bar has come loose from the hinge-plate.
Any easy fix,???
Thanks, Geoff
The car runs normal and suddenly stops on the freeway. AC was on and the radio was on at the time of stop. All the light on the dashboard was on. I can not start the car any more. After about 40 minutes later I can start the car again but after drive about 1 minute it totally stopped again. It won't start. I found out once I turn on the car radio the car shuts off and will not start any more. Any suggestions? Thank you!
It wasn't long ago that I opened it with no problem. My license and registration and owners manual is in it.
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