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Convertible Won’t open
What is the cost to repair Convertible top on an SL 320 Mercedes 1997
indicastion on instument panel of total break failure
I have a 1996 Mercedes SL500 R129 convertible and the fuel light on the gauge stays on showing empty when there is plenty of fuel in the tank, about 5 months ago we installed a new genuine and correct fuel sender unit and the gauge worked correctly till now, have checked all the fuses and no problem there, the black lead to the top of sender unit has no power going to it and this was checked with the ignition turned on, how do i fix the dashboard fuel gague to have the lights go out and give the correct reading again ?
Top won't work, stereo wont work. Any idea what the problem could be or how much to get fixed?
The hydraulics need to be rebuilt
So want to put roof down maually
The right rear latch does not completely release for removal with the 10 mm tool
I start the car and it immediately starts honking the horn it won’t stop

Will not come on
No details, just want to know if a 1996-1988 SL500 comes with navigation? I have seen only one picture of that little compartment in the center of the dash open. I am looking to buy one but i want navigation. Thanks
ABC red light is on all the time and I can't select any other function on the steering wheel thumb switch. Car is level with no other apparent suspension issues. I see no leaks and the hydraulic reservoir is full. Can I still drive the car until the problem is fixed?
Can it be fixed?
Checked voltage on borh bateries getting 12.59 to 13+
Cannot remember how to open key fob
ABC system is in red on dash. Stop car too low. Car has dropped to low on the drivers side rear. 2 quotes I've gotten are extremely high. I need to find the cheapest possible fix.
I raised my soft top and the front locked in place! I had replaced the front cylinders! After the front locks in place, the rear window will not go down! It keeps popping up and down! Any ideas?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing helps
How long have you had this problem? Past few days
Appears that the top is stuck to the windshield. The windows go down and the back releases and then it just stops.
How long have you had this problem? About a month.
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