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I got speakers from another car (Audi) I was just wondering if there's a way to use them in my Mitsubishi i know that I can't coneect it because of the harness of the wire is not the same as the Mitsubishi so I was wondering is there a harness to buy that will be able to make this work or what do I got to do because I got a pair of nose speakers and I wanted to take out the infinity speakers
I have a 06 Mitsubishi eclipse gt. Recently I started driving it all was fine with it. Next day I’m driving about 70 mph and I started hearing a light tapping sound coming from the front end of the vehicle. I slowed do to about 60 and it went away. I went back up to 70 and it started again. No struggle from the car. I dropped back to 60 and after about 15 minutes of driving I started to hear the click at 60mph I immediately turned around and went home. I heard it at about 45 mph by the time I got home. I only hear it when driving, not while at idle or when I rev the engine. Any ideas on what it could be?
I took my 2003 Mitsubishi in for regular maintenance last week. When I got it back the Multi Center Display (clock) would not work. Is it a fuse, battery or other problem or is there a way to restart the display. On this model the display operates a clock and compass. I don't use the compass. The CD player is working.
2.4l 260, 000 miles
Wires ripped out of plug need to know where the wires go back to
2000 eclipse just replaced maf and throttle position sensors
code mis-fire non specific, set 5 mins then ok
My 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse had an exhaust leak for years so I decided to get it fixed professionally. It was driving perfectly fine for 2 days until the Check Engine Light popped up giving me P0421. I never had this code pop up but I’ve had some
other troubles with my car prior to the exhaust leak that have been fixed. The plugs, sparks, fuel pump, idle control valve and gasket have been replaced and I didn’t get any codes until after the exhaust leak was fixed. I don’t hear any leaks from my car but I thought I heard some noise coming from the car hat sounded like a clicking noise. Is it safe to drive or an immediate fix that has to be done?
How long will it take to change the water pump and timing belt on a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse
It occurred once has not started since
When i turn my headlights on, the drivers side high beam comes on and the passenger side low beam is on. When i flip it to brights, the passenger side high beam comes on and the drivers side low beam is on. What can i do to fix this?
When driving the car is fine. When you stop at a light or stop sign the car runs rough and acts like it wants to take off. Does this in reverse and drive. Was told it might be the oxygen sensor
I recently got this car used and it has had some problems but has been fixed. I have noticed that going 70 mph my rpm is at about 2,800 and im not sure why it's so high. I don't know if it has overdrive or not but if it does where should I look?
When going 70 on the highway my rpm is almost at 3,000 and it causing me to use a lot of gas. I just need to know if my car ha over drive or not.
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