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My. Engine acts like it is fuel starved. It sputters and dies sometimes like its out of gas
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Engine does worse when hot
I am almost to the floor boards in order for the car to start and afraid it will it will not start one of these days.
i cannot find the starter on my toyota tercel 1996
What would cause the timing to advance more then 30 degrees causing a pre ingtion knock
The radio and a humming noise by the engine ???
Getting low gas mileage still engine runs fine
Already changed the plugs and wire and fuel filter.
Car will start, but will then cuts off and will not idle and run. Replaced plugs, plug wires, rotor button, ignition coil, checked fuel filter, gas, timing. Distributor seems okay. Before it quit, it would run good, but then started bucking and jerking going down the
When I drive away from the light, they brighten back up.
If anyone knows how to fix this I will appreciate.
I tried to replace my manual regulator and I found this weird screw I couldn't take out. It's like a squished screw, does anyone know how to take it out? Please help.
All of a sudden car sputters and runs rough in drive but revs fine in neutral , why
I damaged the driver side front hood, fender, headlight assembly and axle. The driver side front wheel is pushed back-the sub frame may be damaged. Where can I find these parts?
Is the o/d light suppose to be on but says it's off?
It always for the past 23 yrs ran cool with the heat indicator needle near C. Never over heated until last week. With new thermostat, engine heat indicator needle runs consistently just below 1/2 way. This is quite a bit warmer than usual. Is it normal for a new thermostat to be this much different and will it damage my engine for my car to be so hot under the hood?
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