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my wife bought a 2002 mini cooper she bought it used with 130,000 miles and it has been a money pit since day one. First week she took it down to get oil changed. apparently the housing for the oil filter had to be changed to a new and improved bracket. the oil filter that the car was made with no longer was made $500.00 later and new synthetic oil and she came home. I thought they had got to her. A little rechurch and they were right . next the manual trans began popping out of 4th and was hard to get into reverse. Finley down shifting from 5th to 4th it popped out and wouldn't go into any gear. cadistrophic datinachion $3,500.00 and the trans could only be rebuilt. Recall on power steering and tire pressure indicator. Now Both Windows have stopped working. Pass is the regulator drivers window is the motor. Authorised mechanic wants $1,000.00 a side to repair and just yesterday the cooling fan was running when i shut the car off 4hr later i found it running still I had to unplug the fan to shut it off. I've done a little research and they claim that a sincere has gone out and the hole fan will have to be replaced because its part of the fan another $500.00 will it ever end.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? never changes fan keeps running
How long have you had this problem? a cupple days
My key will not come out of the ignition. It will start and stop, but will not release.
How long have you had this problem? started today
Need condensor, Can i run my heat if my ac condensor gone bad its cokd outside
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Need condensor
How long have you had this problem? Few weeks
I'm one of the unfortunate JCW owners needing a clutch at 31k miles. Is it better to go with Sachs or mini. I don't know who makes mini part nor if they upgraded so is another OEM better. It's an expensive proposition and I don't know how much longer I plan to keep car.
The top needs to
Be replaced. The fabric is simply worn and getting in the way of the
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
After fixing oil leaks on oil pan gasket and crank sender and changing thermostat and coolant tank engine only running on cylinders 2 & 3 no firing on 1 & 4 cylinders
indicator for fog light but only found LH license plate bulb out. is there a reset option?
It's my daughters car. She hit a piece of rubber on the high way. It cracked the thermostat housing, and auxiliary water pump housing. I replaced both pieces and filled with anti freeze. Cranked and ran the car. Drove it 20 miles down the hi-way. It ran fine the best I could tell. When I pulled back in the driveway and shut it off, it never started again. It cranks, runs rough a few seconds and dies. When it starts and I remove my foot from the break , it dies immediately.
Have seen many results on a sealed transmission on a automatic but none on manual. zip 37303
The repair shop I go to said the power steering pump is over heating causing the fan to stay on.
To fix they say I need a power steering pump, reservoir, fan at the cost of $1600.00.
the key will not open the mini cooper
When I reached highway speed, I heard a sound like a popcorn popper coming from underneath my car. I checked for tires and anything hanging off the car and found nothing. No fluid is leaking. No warning lights are on. No smells. It shifts and turns fine.
These lights can not clear / reset as it seems that the deferent electronic systems do not communicate. Mini was send to professionals and linked to their computer systems and they can not clear fault codes on the ABS. Was advise to replace whole electric harness. Want to try and resolve myself but info hard to find on the electronica (computers systems)
I had several repairs done on my engine including replacing the oil pan gasket, oil pump, acc belt tensioner and valve cover gasket. All of the charges for parts and labor seem kosher except they charged me 11 hours of labor, over 1K to initially "remove engine and take apart to see problem." Is this legit?
There is no power. Lights don't work, power windows don't work, key won't start car.
While driving the light came on. I turned the car off. Started it again and it's still on
I have to add oil once a month. I had it checked and there is not a leak.
My convertible top does not open all the way. What is the cost to replace the switch function
My recent purchase of used car. When I release accelerator my car slows down and at acceleration there is a rough noise in engine compartment possibly drive shaft. Front left wheel has play. while standing wheel can be moved in and out side to side approximately 1 inch.
Had the struts, bushings & tie rods(inner & outer ) and still shaking and now when I turn the steering wheel it makes a kinda grinding sound. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am running out of money having already spent $2500.00 so far. P.S. I have already had the tires all balanced and an alignment after tie rods.
Just bought vehicle 3x ago. Now needs 4 motor mounts and transmission rebuild. Dealer now says this is all a new issue and is taking no responsibility. Can in fact 4 mounts and a transmission go if i only had the vehicle 3 weeks and only drove 200 miles
Fuse and compressor are good. Tried to install radio and ac stopped working... help!
The car idles high with surges and then Boggs down below 1000rpm. It idles at below or just at 1000. When taking off it rev high and then Damn near stall. If you stop it will stall but keeping the motor art 1100 rpm keeps it from dieing out completely.
tested all fuses. check connector in driver kick panel. pin 16 has power, pin 4 and 5 are to ground. where is computer located in car.
Couldn't find using estimator.
N12 engine, is this the time frame that the timing/tension belt needs replacing? Things that I should look out for to negotiate pricing?
starts runs ruff for 3 to 5 sec. then dies did compression test good has fuel dose the crank and cam sensor go out and how to test that no check eng. light was driving down the freeway
I took it in for brakes & dealer said front brake pads were not needed. Shouldn't they have noticed? should I file a complaint? If they checked the pads they should have noticed they were on wrong on 1 side. Now I need new front rotor. Is dealer liable for some portion of repair?
still replace both sending unit same problem gauge on empty add low fuel light on. left side of tank about 1/4 of a tank right tank empty.
The rear brake lights remain on when the car is turned on. But they do not brighten or indicate when the brakes are applied.
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