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My center console that controls the heating and air condioning is not lighting up or working? Mini cooper S 2003
Was teaching sister to dive it(Manual)and after several stalling out it just wouldn’t start is when the problem started along with overheating which was just the thermostat. Had to clean out the throttle position sensor with brake cleaner a few days after I first got the car which fixed the very sluggish ecceletation. Now it just won’t start.
when the car is first put in reverse, the backup alarm sounds as though there is something right there behind the car even though there is nothing there. The alarm doesn't stay on the entire time it's in reverse, just for the first few seconds or so it sounds steadily. Could this just be because there may be something stuck in there, or is it a known issue that would require more extensive work?
The a/c started going on and off. It would slow down, cut off, kick back on....Now it rarely kicks on. The air is cold when it turns on. The heat is hot when it kicks on. The temp of air has not been a problem. The heat will blow very minimal in the morning. Blower? louver? I know it is something very minimal...No leaks. when I am around buildings that echo my car there is a high pitch sound. Can not hear that otherwise. Only hear sound between buildings or cars etc.
codes 031 DM-LT Pump?

131 Oxygen sensor
132 Oxygen sensor

codes 149 Tire pressure
I have an 2009 Mini S. Sometimes when I try to start my Mini, it just will not turn over, battery seems dead. If someone jumps me off, it only takes less than a minute or two to start. I have noticed that this happens when I leave the head lights on automatic. Do I need to just purchase a new battery or could it be something else causing this?
2006 Mini Cooper S. When I changed the time fo daylight savings, my total mileage display went to a trip mileage instead. I want to have the display to always show the total number of miles on the car. How do I get the display to reflect the total miles and stay that way instead of trip miles.
This is a 2017, never owned, dealer inventory. On the side window it had a sign that said "hail damage repairs" $6,920.96. They are taking 5k off the sticker price. However, when we went to talk numbers, the salesman brought out a 3 page listing of all the repairs for the smashed rear-end. No mention of hail. No visible signs of damage - I even looked underneath. 60 hrs of body labor, 1 hr mechanicle & 12 hrs paint labor. $2,700 parts.

When is it not a 'new car'? Is 5 k enough, cosidering it is a yr old (In service date for warranty is 11/19/2016.
Hi there,. I've owned the car for 4 years and this has never happened before. I started the car this morning, and at first I thought it might just be the fan playing up, as I put the fan speed on full blast and I heard a little "whirring" (like it was starting up) noise, then nothing, but I could feel heat coming through the vents. It's never overheated. My car also has heated seats, and they are now not working either. I haven't tried it again since I got to work, but any advice would be really appreciated.
steering pump is shot is there a recall on it
It happens between gear 2 and 3 only. It revs up to over 5000 then drops super fast and jerks into gear.
When I put the key in and press the start button nothing happens. Lights work just no ignition
My 2003 Mini Cooper S has an airbag light that is on all the time. My wife recalls that there was a problem with the light when the car was still under warranty, and that there was a recall. I can find no record of that. Can you help me?
my wife bought a 2002 mini cooper she bought it used with 130,000 miles and it has been a money pit since day one. First week she took it down to get oil changed. apparently the housing for the oil filter had to be changed to a new and improved bracket. the oil filter that the car was made with no longer was made $500.00 later and new synthetic oil and she came home. I thought they had got to her. A little rechurch and they were right . next the manual trans began popping out of 4th and was hard to get into reverse. Finley down shifting from 5th to 4th it popped out and wouldn't go into any gear. cadistrophic datinachion $3,500.00 and the trans could only be rebuilt. Recall on power steering and tire pressure indicator. Now Both Windows have stopped working. Pass is the regulator drivers window is the motor. Authorised mechanic wants $1,000.00 a side to repair and just yesterday the cooling fan was running when i shut the car off 4hr later i found it running still I had to unplug the fan to shut it off. I've done a little research and they claim that a sincere has gone out and the hole fan will have to be replaced because its part of the fan another $500.00 will it ever end.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? never changes fan keeps running
How long have you had this problem? a cupple days
My key will not come out of the ignition. It will start and stop, but will not release.
How long have you had this problem? started today
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