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I had several repairs done on my engine including replacing the oil pan gasket, oil pump, acc belt tensioner and valve cover gasket. All of the charges for parts and labor seem kosher except they charged me 11 hours of labor, over 1K to initially "remove engine and take apart to see problem." Is this legit?

There is no power. Lights don't work, power windows don't work, key won't start car.

While driving the light came on. I turned the car off. Started it again and it's still on

I have to add oil once a month. I had it checked and there is not a leak.

My convertible top does not open all the way. What is the cost to replace the switch function

My recent purchase of used car. When I release accelerator my car slows down and at acceleration there is a rough noise in engine compartment possibly drive shaft. Front left wheel has play. while standing wheel can be moved in and out side to side approximately 1 inch.

Had the struts, bushings & tie rods(inner & outer ) and still shaking and now when I turn the steering wheel it makes a kinda grinding sound. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am running out of money having already spent $2500.00 so far. P.S. I have already had the tires all balanced and an alignment after tie rods.

Just bought vehicle 3x ago. Now needs 4 motor mounts and transmission rebuild. Dealer now says this is all a new issue and is taking no responsibility. Can in fact 4 mounts and a transmission go if i only had the vehicle 3 weeks and only drove 200 miles

Fuse and compressor are good. Tried to install radio and ac stopped working... help!

The car idles high with surges and then Boggs down below 1000rpm. It idles at below or just at 1000. When taking off it rev high and then Damn near stall. If you stop it will stall but keeping the motor art 1100 rpm keeps it from dieing out completely.

tested all fuses. check connector in driver kick panel. pin 16 has power, pin 4 and 5 are to ground. where is computer located in car.

Couldn't find using estimator.

N12 engine, is this the time frame that the timing/tension belt needs replacing? Things that I should look out for to negotiate pricing?

starts runs ruff for 3 to 5 sec. then dies did compression test good has fuel dose the crank and cam sensor go out and how to test that no check eng. light was driving down the freeway

I took it in for brakes & dealer said front brake pads were not needed. Shouldn't they have noticed? should I file a complaint? If they checked the pads they should have noticed they were on wrong on 1 side. Now I need new front rotor. Is dealer liable for some portion of repair?

still replace both sending unit same problem gauge on empty add low fuel light on. left side of tank about 1/4 of a tank right tank empty.

The rear brake lights remain on when the car is turned on. But they do not brighten or indicate when the brakes are applied.

Exhaust is wet with black

There doesn't appear to be any object stuck in the lock latch inside. How can I get it opened?. The key fob nor inside car buttons will to open it. They sound like they work. But the back latch won't open still. Just started doing this today. Help! Thanks so much. There doesn't appear to be a manual cable way to open like older minis.

with sun roof

Mini of Portland wants over 4k for the repairs. 85K miles with a new water pump/thermostat.

Air bag light is on. Had the recalled sensor mat in passenger seat replaced. Airbag light stayed on. Dealer says battery positive cable needs replacing. Part# 61126942507. Will airbags still deploy?

I just need to know the repair price for this,to fix airbag and see the leakages and fix the bonet

Maybe you can help me with. I’ve got the new clutch installed
in my mini and reinstalled the gear box to the engine. Before I put the sub-frame back in I thought I'd test the gear selections and see if my install is correct. I thought If I engaged a gear I should not be able to rotate the front disc due to
the engine drag but they still rotate, what’s your opinion, should the wheel disc rotate or not? I'm concerned my installation is bad.

i was driving on highway and heard an incredibly loud sound in the front of car, as if i had hit something or fell in a deep pothole, however the car didnt dip, swerve, tilt, or anything. but now it is lower in the front than it used to be!! any ideas whats happpened to my car? it still drives.

We have replaced the thermostat and also the water pump

It beeps too -

Random problem. I just had spark plugs and ignition coils replaced. It had 9 error codes in computer but it still spits and sputters with engine light going on and off before it finally engages. The mechanic says it's because its old. I disagree, car has only 48,000 miles. Now what

the off switch is off and car is off. all the lights flash and I don't know whats wrong

The front end is not out of alignment. The car drives fine, but both of my rear tires are wearing evenly on the inside.