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Looks like coming from the master cylinder area there is a round cylinder there that vibrates and cruping about every 30 seconds it’s a llexus sc 430 2003 any ideas what it could be
My antena on my sc 450 will not go up. Is there a way to put it up manually.
Red light continues to blink , but nothing happens . What can I check. I just bought the car . Took it out worked for a couple of times. Tried to put it down today. Would not work just blinked red ?
I tried to open top first it tried window went down trunk open a little and closed open again and closed I pushed the close button and tried again and nothing happened
Good afternoon, I have not use the top for few years I treed today and it try open the first time, windows went down back open a little and stop I closed it and tried again red light on button but nothing
I have been hearing a random chirping sound under the driver side dash for some time. I have recording the sound and taken it to a Lexus dealer and they don't have a clue regarding cause. It makes the sound with or without the air conditioner working. Sound is a very short chirping or beep type noise. It been occurring for some time and other than the annoyance doesn't seem to have any affect on functionality of any systems. Anyone have any thoughts regarding the cause of this noise?
Whenever I fill my tank with gas it doesn't read full. It only reads about 3/4 tank. It happens everytime I fill my tank with gas.
works fine nav.door won' close fuses under hood O.K.
Top will not go down.
Inside switch for trunk does not open the trunk
The antenna worked very well. It got broken in the car wash.
The trunk opens and the windows go down. The top wants to retract, but the latch, or latches wont release. Is this a sensor problem, or is a latch stuck?
Checked all fuses they are good. It does blink when valet switch is pushed
It stopped working a week ago
Does car need oils changed at 95000 miles?
estimate of 2000.00 to high?
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