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If I turn defrost off the engine overheats even though I have plenty of antifreeze/engine coolant in the car.Also,antifreeze leaks from both sides of the radiator hose,it leaks onto the engine and the ground but there is no hole in the radiator hose.Perhaps the hose should be cut down and tightened?If the defrost is not constantly on the temp gauge goes in the red and smoke comes from under the hood.Thank you.

The car will start when primed but can't get any fuel without correct throttle cable hookup.
Can't find a picture anywhere.

It will Rev constantly and I looked in the carb, the carb is constantly spraying a lot of fuel once the car is cranked. How do I fix this?

I'm trying to find out what might cause the fuel injector in the throttle body to not give enough fuel occasionally when the engine is under load. Feathering the gas will keep it going sometime so I think it's fuel-related. Is there a fuel filter in the throttle body under the fuel injector maybe clogged? Vacuum hoses look fine. Does it have a ECR valve?

it chugs when accelerating between 30 and 40 almost like trans. slipping and again 60 to 70. sounds like a hard knock. replaced spark plugs. try to get code but when shut off turn back on engine light off

when i start my car it will either run fine, idle high, or almost stale.
-The idling high problem will also happen if i get on the gas or put it in neutral and rev the engine. it will slowly go back to normal or if i rev the engine a lot it will go back to normal faster.
- the almost stalling problem happens when i start the engine and when i come to stops

ran fine befor no warning

there are other problems, like the turn signal lever with the cruise control is broken off with the wires severed.

Engine will not restart unless you put accelerator to the floor. Acts like it is flooded. After start it idles rough and wants to stall. After it sits for awhile it will start & run fine for approx 30 min then problem repeats.

Note: Check engine light illuminates after 3 min. Pulled the code which was #12

Many thanks,
Larro K.

found it on the fire wall but can't find out what it controlls

I've replaced the fuel pump (twice)7 fuel filters, 2 strainers, idle air controller, maf sensor, spark plugs and wires, throttle position sensor, fuel pressure relay, fuel pressure regulator, some vacuum lines. Car ran then loss power, limped to the side of the road and died, hasn't ran for more than 10 seconds at a time since. Gas tank was dropped, cleaned before the 2nd fuel pump was installed and 7th fuel filter. Car drove fine for about 20 miles then loss power and died, has ran longer then 10 seconds since

I've replaced the fuel pump (twice)7 fuel filters, 2 strainers, idle air controller, maf sensor, spark plugs and wires, throttle position sensor, fuel pressure relay, fuel pressure regulator, some vacuum lines. Car ran then loss power, limped to the side of the road and died, hasn't ran for more than 10 seconds at a time since.

My converter is clogged and causing severe power loss, it has now been cut out.. don't care to replace it unless absolutely have to. can it be straight piped/glasspack or will it not run correctly due to the low/no back pressure?

Need to change water pump how much work can it be?

radiator cap connect to?

I changed the timing belt in a 1991 Pontiac sunbird se 2.0 L 4 cyl. got the marks right,it won't start,caan you help me please. Thank you

did the egr test (snapped throttle and check if valve is open on deceleration)-chiltons) my EGR is open on acceleration and closes on deceleration? this is causing my car to idle rough and run rough under 2Krpm (anything below heavy acceleration)

I need to know how to do this

1990 pontiac sunbird 2.0 Naturally aspirated, 2 door convertible, carbureted, automatic, 206K.
(PROM, ECM work no check engine code). Runs and drives fine first 30 min highway and most days around town. After 30 min (good and warm) it runs quite rough and won't hold an idle (or anything below 1500RPM's really) whether in park neutral drive. in any gear I can keep my foot on the gas and it won't die, it doesn't run that bad while taking off when hot (not much sputter, loss of power) or while cruising (just an idle). I have basic tune up (cap, rotor, oil, plugs, wires, air filter) i ordered an IAC(idle air control valve, I think this may be it but….) I was going to do fuel filter also, that shouldn't fix it though. Fuel pump sounds good, haven't tested it yet but its in tank so heat shouldn't be the problem unless its vapor lock, or some type of heat/pressure problem?) any help or ideas would be much appreciated. If I figure it out I will post on here my solution.
Thank you

My 1994 Pontiac 2 door coup rattles at start and for the first 20 mph has. Ill have my pedal to the floor and seems to have no power until it feels like it wants too.....having trouble going up hills have to get a head start b4 the hill no check engine light on break light was on for a while comes on randomly. Seems like it gets hot to fast no leaks that I see of any ideas? Sorry my grammar is bad and my punctuation :)

No drips under car where parked.

I have checked the fuses and the coil looks to be new, I have checked spark coming out of coil and there is none, any Ideas what it could be? someone else had this car and took it apart, hopefully it is something easy, Please help I want to fix this for my sister who needs a car fast, thanks

When I put the AM on, it works fine. I checked the fuses, and they are ok. There is a cassette player in the car. I replaced just the antenna, but it still won't recieve a strong signal. The cigarette lighter fuse is broken. What could be the problem? Solution?

most are inside the alternator but this one is not. i have been told by several that it is whats wrong. i have changed both the battery and alternator

Replaced alternator and battery. Both still test good. Car will run on charged battery when it dies the car stops running. It will also run when jumper cables are connected when you disconnect them it dies

Its a 91 Pontiac sunfire since this has been happening I hear a rubbing noise can you please help?

Occasionally the light for the clock and radio stations comes on, works for awhile and then no power or illumination. I tried 2 diff. ones and same things happen. Wiring harness looks in good shape. Someone said maybe BCM Body Contol module? Where is that? TY