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To describe the sounds it's kind of a sputtering rumbling sound and lacks power and acceleration like it's running on 3 cylinders but as soon as you get off the gas or downshift it sounds fine
I replace the transmission its is still new but why won't the car go. It's a 1997 automatic.
I bought this car from someone they said they replaced the clutch I found out the slave cylinder was leaking so I put a new one in it and proceeded to bleed the system it also has a new master cylinder for the clutch but it still will not go anywhere and it goes In all gears but it will not move the car will not move it will move if I Revit up real high it will move just a little
Needle moves approximately from 13 volt to 15 volt, but somewhat slower than when turn signals are engaged.

This happened 2 times today during a 10 mile drive.
it will strart one day and not the next i have replace the control relay
Master was already leaking. What is wrong? How do i fix it? Is there an easy way to get gears to engage?
I have checked all of the fuses and relays. Although the headlight relay got hot because I left the switch on all night when trying to figure out what was wrong. I haven't changed the switch yet. Could the switch be the problem?
We just changed the alternator and battery 5 days ago. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but, now I have no headlights or taillights. I've checked all fuses and relays.
I'm replacing my clutch and I want to get a performance clutch I'm going to order it on line how do I know which one to ge
How do I troubleshoot. Is it a cylinder, a hydraulic hose, or hopefully a bolt came loose.
Can't even start my car until I get bolt. Am I going to run into more problems after I repace
car eventually cuts out, leve for few minutes starts again, have removed cats, thermostat, changed filters, serviced injectors, redid timing, starts and idles well, just does not go,,,what else can it be?
When the engine is cold it runs like a dream. When it gets up to temp it hesitates and backfires. Since I've had the car (about 9 months), all the timing stuff has been replaced, new plugs and wires, 3 new coil packs, new fuel filters, MAF and throttle thoroughly cleaned, new IAC, and has been checked for vacuum leaks. It also smells like it's running rich.

Any ideas?
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