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i am ready for a tune up and i find the 4 sparks plugs not working properly because all of them have to much carbon.
How many miles does the odometer go up ?
Have broken the top off of crank position sensor and now cannot remove
They gave me the wrong key lock for my doors and said i bought it as is and wont provide me with one that goes to my vehichle. How do i get one i think thats why
The connectors don't connect to the pump another on size need to know the right size a bolt connectors
My 2011 Mazda tribute is an automatic but the shifter is between my front seats. Could I change it to a manual?
I drive a manual 2003 Mazda Tribute 4×4, I was driving down a side street I went from 3rd to 4th at 43mph, slowed down to yeild the car in front of me and all the sudden I had no gears I drove it home in 4th until I came to the hill I finally got it to go into 1st and that's all I have now. It drives great but of course I have to keep the rmps down, no leaks, no noises. Just happened
I turn the egnition and motor turn but no start
I just bought a 2004 Mazda Tribute. It has been working fine until yesterday. Wouldnt go faster the 80 down the highway. The engine makes a weird noise.
I have a 2002 Mazda tribute, after I put gas my check engine light came on
My 2001 Mazda Tribute manual 4 cylinder has an intermittent faulty speedometer. Occasionally the speedo will fluctuate or drop to zero with a slight power loss (enough to stall sometimes if we stop at lights). On 2 occasions now the odometer has gone blank also and has come back with the speedometer and power. Only happens under 80km.
Can you help with why my car is making a beeping noise with no lights on that indicates a problem
It has power in the switch and lights up in the dash but will not change over to four wheel drive
My car keeps beeping but there isn’t any lights on saying anything is wrong.
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