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2008 Saturn Astra. Replacing the radio with another used factory original radio. What is the proper procedure and sequence for marrying the replacement radio with my car?
So i've had this problem for probably the last half month with the check engine light coming on, I thought it was the O2 sensor but I was proven wrong when that didn't fix it. My car will rough idle when it's heated up enough and fuel efficiency has gone out the window. I took it into a shop for diagnostic and the guy said he'd need to replace the valve cover and gasket for this which he charges 163 for parts and 130 for labor. I really cannot afford this and I want to be 100% sure this will fix my problem, what are other opinions? I'll also mention i'm a few hundred miles past when I was supposed to get my next oil change (used synthetic oil). All help and opinions are appreciated!
Yellow check engine light is always on. Have taken it to the dealer a couple of times, taken it to two other places. No one seems to know what is causing it. This is my inspection month; this mystery needs to be solved ASAP.

Some troubleshooting codes generated:

Replaced the MAF sensor, that didn;t seem to help. Thanks for any help.
I have removed the bolt on the outside and it looks it made the solenoid a little loose now but the solenoid still won't come off. What else do I need to do other that removing the bolts on the outside in order to remove the solenoid?
I can not find anyone who can tell me where to find the tire pressure control unit. I just dont know where to look on the car. Is it under the hood, under the dash, in the rear compartment, in the kick panels. Please help
Is it necessary to use high mileage oil, and at what point?
Is 3000 miles a suggestion or a limit?
Wanting to know how often I should receive a transmission flush.
whenever i refuel gas tank, car does not start.. i do try to start several times, then starts but have to push gas pedal until it's ok.. so everything is normal.. there is no fault code, check engine light is not on at all.. what should be the problem?
Iam told I need a smoke test to check for a vacum leak?does that sound right,I already had to replace the sparkplug pack because the engine light kept going on and the car was missing firing
Tried to adjust but performed this incorrectly and had to take the car to the Chevy dealer. This was a mistake as they could not understand how to do the adjustment (needed national tech help). Very expensive and the car is not working correctly. It is now resistant to gear changes in every gear. Dealer wants to replace the entire linkage for a charge of $800 which I don't agree with. Car has 41000 miles. Do you know if this linkage has bushing connecting it? As this is a Saturn version of an Opel, I, always, have to explain the car for any service so I want to know more about the linkage.
it just started doing it.i have never heard of this.
effect the performance of this car?
I have rattling like loose parts under the front right area of the car. Brought it to a dealership and they said I need a sway bar and end links as well as the inner tire rods. The estimate seems especially high. Could you throw out there what I would approximately be looking for on a price?

Does this sound right that I need these repairs?

I also need two front tires but have already replaced tires before and know there cost. Of course it was high too. At Sears I paid $116 for each tire incl. mounting and balance and they quoted $152.71 each.
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