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OB2 codes are 6470, 1378, 1674, 1325
I've had my 2002 VW Jetta TDI for almost 2 years now. It has 148,000 miles on it. Recently, I noticed it's been taking a long time to shift from 1st to 2nd. It doesn't matter if the car is warmed up or not. It still does it.
When I hit the gas to accelerate it begins to stutter and I let of the gas then it goes and it over shifts... It shift to higher gears unnecessary for the speed. I do it manually with the tiptronic shift and its fine. When it is in automatic mode its sucks.
2000 cabrio 2.0 litter- i noticed my car was running very hot and cooling fans are not working. ive checked all fuses and all seem to be ok. any help would be much appreciated. thank you
The key broke off in the ignition. When I tried to start the car using pliers and the broken key, it started and shut down immediately. The display says no key and kills the engine.
Fuel pump not pumping fuel
Where's the relay for radiotor fan
Does fan need to run while im driving?
The car was running fine.. Heater core blew out. Coolant drained while driving. Engine oil pressure warning flashed. Car lost immediate power and died. Heat gauge was only at 220-225 degrees.
Filled with water,while engine Cooled down.
Now it cranks normally,and has spark and fuel.timing belts are tight and turning with engine.
tranny problem, it will shift in all the gears but will not drop down 150 to 200 rpm when it high the converter will not lock up...
I have a small leak in my radiator is there something I can buy to put in it to stop the leak? 2002 Volkswagen jetta
topok to dealership to get keys programmed for my vw beetle. 1st said, can't program it as it need new battery cables, possibly a battery and top fue box. Got them replaced. Took back to dealership and said no illumination lights on dashboard, can't program. decided to have a diagnostic scan by them run. Needs ignition switch and wiring harness. Did that as well then returned it again to dealership. Got a call saying we programmed the keys BUT car won't start. Can't help you. So this brings me to my initial question. Can a key get programmed to a car that doesn't run.
When I was coming off the interstate I
noticed the engine stopped running when
I pulled over to the side of the road I
tried to restart the car and all it would
do was turn over really slow, what
do you think is my problem?
When I start my car check engine light is on and nothing seems to wrong seems to run fine then about a week ago I noticed my temperature symbol came up and it didn't start to worry me till it was blinking red usually when I first start it the blue temperature symbol stays on till I drive a couple miles and goes off it's not going off and my car isn't leaking any fluids from the radiator?
It only happen when my technician work on my brake master, that all I can recall
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