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So I have already replaced the spark plugs with NGK's Part # PFR7S8EG.
After driving the car about a week later the check engine light came back on and the same code is back on.
Mind you the vehicle runs pretty smooth.
Evidence of mouse in engine compartment. Battery ok.
A few weeks ago the EPC light came on but the car was running fine. Sat in a drive thru for a while and the car started over heating took it home put antifreeze in it hasn’t over heated since but now the check engine light is on. Car runs fine but the power steering reservoir is shaking when car is on.
Been up and down the transmission casing but I don't think the speed sensor is the same as ones on the floor or glad models. Any guidance would be appreciated!
I just bought the van and the third row windows are open and I don't know how to close them it's been 3 day and a winter storm is coming
shifting perking
The temperature gauge stayed at 190 and had little smoke under the hood by the time I got it home
I know the rear breaks has gone
need to know how to remove head liner trim panel from 01 new beetle to get at antenna base
We keep hitting the bottom of the car on our brick driveway.
Antifreeze is pouring out from under the hood of 2013 Volkswagan Touareg
The hoses coming off the air pump going to the turbo has come unhooked
Parking brake malfunction light came on and car would not go over 10 miles, The instrument cluster started lighting up like a Christmas tree. VW dealer said I might need a New Cluster and then they need to go from there to find problem???
Sputters when Accelerating from stop also when braking. Not a smooth start from stop, sort of sputter. Engine sounded a bit odd ideling. Just had full service last month
The Passat has 110,000 miles- has been good except for recurring replacement of map sensor in last 4 months. Auto service center is reputable but not a vw garage. Are they missing something?
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