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After shutting off the engine, i observed after some time that the navigation screen and digital clock came on. This has happened about 3 times now. The second time was at night and got to find out the next morning as it ran down the battery. I don't know if its a fuse problem or something serious.
All rear light system including taillight not working
We bought a 2004 Lexus RX 330 that had Sirius XM satellite installed and the radio doesn't receive hardly any stations. Any thoughts on how to disconnect the satellite and improve the radio reception?
The best comes back on once I starting driving the heat comes back on
The car is still running perfectly and been well maintained with oil changes, etc. should there be anything extensively done with this mileage checkup?
How can I fix my dashboard rip and a hole? I can only open manually what can I do to fix it?
my lights in front don't look clear it looks foggy from outside how can I clean? how can I replace vent on dashboard it is broken? Thank you

2005 Lexus rx330
When I put the car in gear and accelerating on the gas pedal the car won't go.
rattling when i hit bumps or rough roads mechanic said i need cam bolt and toe arm how much are these usually/
Lights are steady, can't discern any trouble while driving, drives the transmission slipping, or any odd noises coming from engine....just noticed lights were on and came home, about 11 miles. Is it safe to drive it?
Power button on my 2005 RX330 or Key fob works fine, just sometimes it will not stay up, goes to top than you hear beeping and gate motor working to pull the lift gate right back down, no one pressed anything. This has happen before when my RX was still under extended warrantee. Lexus repaired it, they replaced the rear gate motor. I also believe they replaced the power gate struts. some where in 2008. What is the best way to trouble shoot, and repair? If you lift the gate it will stay up as long you bring it up to the top.
When the ac come up. It blow warm air
All ignition coils and all oxygen sensors have been replaced yet the check engine light and VSC light won't stay off after codes have been cleared. Diagnostic test still shows the same codes after vehicle has been fixed. RX 330 Lexus.
No noise, battery lights on the dash. Just won't turn over
Radio and clock turn on in the middle of the night and run the battery dead. If I remove fuse 19 problem goes away, but heater display and all other displays are unable to be accessed.
How long have you had this problem? 2 weeks
When you push down on the gas pedal nothing happens
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