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2016 Accent, daily runner 40,000 miles. Drove and parked as normal when tried to start nothing happened. Can hear a click but thats it. Tried to jump no change. Called AAA they tried to jump, no change. Had it towed home connected to known good battery, no change. Is there a known proble with the starter solenoid? or something else?
Daily driver to work, over 3 months since I worked on 2007 accent no check engine light and after failing emissions test have attempted to do specific drive cycles and have achieved Egr Mon ok and o2 heater ok
But 02 sensor, evap, and catalyst still inc. Retried drive cycle now all inc once again.
after a long drive two hours or so, car revs high
Third brake light won't light.
Replaced bulb and checked fuses and still nothing.. Any help would be appreciated.

Can NGK spark plug BP5ES be used for this car?
Hyundai accent 2011 automatically door lock closede even the key inside. When the vehicle came to workshop the key cylinder barrel was loose connection. That loose connection cause center lock work when the key inside the key barrel. This vehicle is equiped with hyundai centerlock system. When we relair the key barrel then this complaint was solved but the automtic door lock system still not solved
my hot and cold gagaue is not working as well.
It started cranking about a week ago (slow start) with the last time having to wait the 5 mins before it started up. Radio comes on fine along with the dash lights.
Don't think it's the battery but it's still the original (13years strong) and I have only about 69000 miles on it. No leaks no smells.
This problem started a couple weeks ago, the car would take a second or so longer to start. Starting yesterday the car started normally then I went to get gas and it wouldn't turn over at all but the lights would still come on within the car. After a couple minutes of waiting it started no problem. My car sat overnight and the next morning it started with no issue again. When I went to start it before work today it started to turn over and then stopped, when I went to turn the key again the engine didn't even try to turn over. The lights do still work in the car however. It's a 2011 Hyundai accent, I've had it for 6 years and haven't changed the battery yet. Just wondering whether it's most likely the battery or if it's a starter or alternator problem.
Is it standard oil or synthetic?
Timing belt broke, car died. Does ithavean interferanxe motor? Are my valves going to be toast?
would loss of oil pressure affect the start of the car, it is flooding, change the canister purge valve, let plugs dry and it does it again, after we crank the engine this gushing splattering sound comes from timing side, car won't start, can't seem to find source yet, gonna check it out in the morning.. any ideas/help/info on both flooding and oil gushing
Hi all,

I have Hyundai Accent 2007 and I had few times starting issue. Few times happened when I was waiting in line on traffic lights and few times when was huge traffic and car is in idle(neutral position) and low rpm(Waited for 5-10mins and then started). And recently what happened, I was driving few miles and waiting for a friend on bus stop to pick him up. Car was turned off, only the radio and heating turned on. I was waiting for him 10 minutes and when I tried to start it couldn't start, so I needed to wait for another 5-10 minutes and then started. Car was with two different mechanics, checked two times diagnostics and battery was fine, nobody knows what is the issue. I don't want to waste my money and try to replace every single part. Every answer is helpful. Thanks in advance.
I have a 2012 Hyundai Accent 4 door sedan GLS, I'm the only owner, there are 44,000 miles on the car. The Hyundai service dept. (where I purchased the car) says I need to replace spark plugs, serpentine belt and have the coolant system serviced. A well rated, independent mechanic said 75k is recommended to replace the sparks and 100k is recommended to replace the belt. Went back to Hyundai, they still said I should replace. Doesn't seem correct. Do I have to take it to yet another mechanic? How do I know who to trust? Also, how often should the coolant system be serviced? Hyundai also said I need the brakes serviced, Les Schwab said my brakes are fine.
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