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Is this problem on me or the dealership or do I have to pay for it
Car cranks but can't hear fuel pump kicking in.are coli wires crossed?
Car is cranking but wont idle cannot hear the sound of petrol pump when I switch on car.Maybe I connected ignition coil wrongly.just replaced ignition coil
Car won't start then the car starts
When i'd try to start i smell of gasoline and the engine never run continuously.
sometimes i hear a clicking noise in the front of the car
Just bought a used car, A/c worked fine during test drive, and now the a/c suddenly stopped blowing any air.
Engine down shifted coming to the end of a ramp off the highway. Then I drove a few blocks and then it would not excelerate. It finally slipped into gear and I made it home (5 blocks away). Now it will not go in reverse. Obviously, a transmission problem. Code reader p0734. Is there a way to tell if a part can be replaced?
Left turn signal indicator light on dash does not light up. Turn signals work. Is this a big job that will cost a lot of money to fix?
It wont start but it clinks and all lights r on in car
I just replaced alternator belt map sensor and belt and it keeps cutting off had a oil change a week ago and new spark plugs. A month ago why is it shutting off
1.6L manual trans. all obd2 monitors are ready except evap
Well I jus got a tune up and oil change ,so I dnt kw why it feels like its about to cut off ,my battery is 2yrs.old tho !
Timing belt or chain?
Engine light came on then car went dead and now it will not crank...
How long have you had this problem? Just now
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