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Service due light has been on for months and now just recently the reduce power warning shows up and starting has become the issue recently. You think it maybe because of the overdue service light?
Got a reading from diagnostics about hpfp sensor misfires ,will this cause the car engine not to turn over
I have a shimmering vibration coming from the driver side front wheel. Can you give me an ideal of what causes this and how much to repair. A mechanic put it on a rack and showed me the difference in the looseness of wheels. Thanks
It has been over heating and i need to know if there is a bleeder valve
An now my dash said something about the transmission.
The car starts up better after running it more.
mostly runs fine... Occasionally runs poorly... once engine is at 1500rpm it takes off appearing to run fine.

When really rough... turns out the exhaust manifold on the right side is glowing hot!
Changed plugs test drove check engine light and on Idrive screen Emission related fault warning.
Dont no wer the stick to check my transmission fluide,or add to it.
my car eingn emmission problem comming on
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