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I have a 2006 Jeep Commander and I started yesterday going in putting the key on and it made a ticking sound, Then I move the shift and try to start the car again and it starts. Could this be the starter or the ignition
Trans over temp message will appear internittently, I promptly pull over and turn off the vehicle as the fan is starting up. When I re-start the vehicle the message is gone, I’ve read PCM will fix immediately and others have said sensors have been replaced but not fixed the issue. Should I just tell the auto shop to order a PCM and hope for the best? How much does it normally cost to replace a PCM?
Four indicator lights coming on. ESP, BAS, System malfunction symbol and traction control symbol. Usually right when I depress brakes and they feel like they are skipping. This just started after a long road trip. Could this be as simple as a bald tire issue or is there something seriously wrong? Don't trust repair shops.
Jeep overheated t months ago to the point it shut off. Replaced water pump and thermostat, it ran enough to test to make sure I bleed it out correctly. When I went to take it for a test drive, THE GAS PEDAL WOULD NOT DEPRESS AT ALL. Please help
Let it sit for a few hours and it will crank back up.
Some times the car shakes .. when I press the gas car is forced but after it's forced it's ok. The engine light blinks when I press the gas.
its causing more sensors to read wrong, and loses acceleration
Turning the vehicle, when it starts moving it gets a hopping feel
I just replaced the alternator and battery. Have replaced all of the o2 sensors since buying this jeep in May! It has 141k on it! Any suggestions as to what could be the issue
It is leaking water from the rear little mirow inside and flooring on top of the dash just in the center. So now it has another leak of water from the right arm the one that help you get inside that have a handle. I went to a windshield shop and they do a text and suposley it is ok. I notice that when is happen is how you park the jeep. If the area you park it is in lever nothing happen. So I just wan to know if you know how to fix this or give my sun advice about it.
At first when it started and i drove it, it just starting to buk I turned it off and restarted it and it cleared the problem. But now she won't go past 35 mph and is buking . Turning it off and then started it up again problem still persist please help
how do you bleed the rear brakes
A P0300 diagnostic code indicates a random or multiple misfire.

I have a 2007 Jeep commander 4.7 V8, with 10300 miles. The Random miss firing just recently started, we started by putting the fuel injector cleaner in it. Nothing happen. Then we replaced the spark plugs to make sure that was not an issue, while doing that we check the fuel injector, “Autozone said it was most likely the fuel injectors,” and looked new. Once completed the light turned off, that same day the check engine light came back on for random miss firing P0300 code. The next step I took was to take it to a jeep dealership service shops. Paid the $125 for the to diagnosis it P0300 code to figure out what exactly it was. They say it was to lower O2 sensor change that was causing the problem. We change both of those. That Didn’t fix the issue either. Today Contact the jeep dealership service center and they said that I would have to repay the $125. Need some suggestion on what do to nexts. Help pleases?
Engine buck/misfire at all speeds, no fault codes. Poor fuel performance. Replaced most sensors on engine, no improvement.
2006 jeep commander, washed motor,tried to restart hard to restart but got it. Now esp,bas,and traction light is on and trans won't shift out of gear down the road
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