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Purchased used 65000. Miles immediatley replaced the radiator as a preventative measure, a few months later the speed sensor gear went bad, had it and the sensor replaced now 5 months later the gear is out again, any suggestions other than selling the car as my daughter loves the thing thanks.
I am on the 5th battery for my g3. I have taken it to a couple of mechanics and they cannot find anything that is draining the battery. I have had a couple of problems-my traction control light will not go off, the radio now will not turn off and i have replaced the cigarette lighter for the 2nd time. Could these be causing the drain or is there something else to look for? It seems to happen more if it is cold/rainy.
no codes set and not felt at normal driving speed. If I accelerate from stop no problem, just at normal take off and at low speed.
work for one evening and night stop working next morning
I have a 2009 pontiac G3. It is sputtering and putting in gear. Shifts fine and clutch feels the same as always but its sputters in gear and then takes off. Slave cylinder maybe? Clutch?
Can u do it urself? Does the filter have to be changed as well? I do mostly highway driving. Over 35,000 miles on it.
I have checked the tire pressure and the tpms light will not go off. Also, the check engine light is on. Are these things related? What type if speedometer system does my car have?
How do I find an exploded view of the inside locking mechanism on the drivers doors so that I can fix this thing. Went out of warranty by 6000 miles. Need to know how to remove the panel of drivers door also.
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