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air conditioned problem, turn and them turn off , no cold air just blower
the controls to set up blue tooth dose nor work it dose not show any thing
The ac compressor will not engage when turned in and the fan will not start when the ac is turned on
When you turn the dial to
Turn on air sometimes it comes on and sometimes it doesn’t. Any suggestions as to how to fix the problem
I have a 2014 MITSUBISHI Outlander. The back up camera is working but will not display on my screen. The camera itself is ok. Have checked it on display. Any help would be appreciated.
I have a 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. A/C will blow cold then blow warm air. The a/c light (snowflake) will blink as soon as it starts to blow warm. I can press it and make it stay on, sometimes it turns back cold sometimes it doesn't. I had the compressor checked for a leak and no leak was found. I have replaced the expansion valve and the a/c pressure switch and it still does it
this started about 2 weeks ago, each time after I put the car into drive and begin driving the engine rev's up in what seems going from 1st to 2nd gear. It is now, on occasion also started revving up from stop signs and red lights. I have a small oil leak that is going to be looked for very soon.
So, I just finished putting my engine back together. I have an 05 mitsubishi outlander with a 2.4 L 4 cylinder. Here's what I've replaced:

Piston Rings
Rod bearings
main bearings
thrust bearings
head gasket
timing belt
tensioner pully
vvt solenoid
starter motor
fuel filter

Last night after I finally got it back together and tried to start it up. It runs for maybe 3 seconds with loud random squeaking and then just dies. It almost sounds like the piston rings get stuck or something. I know the timing was all lined up before I started it up. Any suggestions of possible issues? Thanks
I have a 2004 Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 and it doesn't pass the smog check because the EGR is not ready but everything else does pass. My engine light is not turned on either. The mechanic replaced the egr, cleaned up the area and told me to drive it. I've been trying to reset it for over a month with no luck and is extremely frustrating. What can I do??? My car runs perfectly fine.
Is there a reverse Band or solenoid? If there is, how can you test it or pinpoint which one. Can yiu adjust the band, if so how
This only happens after I fill up at the gas station and the car is parked leaning towards the passenger side.there is nothing else to say
yesterday got 4 new tires, balancing & alignment and still vibration problem
Myb2006 mitsubishi outlander died as i was driving. Now it wont turn over. Had no indications of a problem arrising. It's got gas and sounds strong/powerful just won't turn over now. Sounds like it wants to start but Just can't make it all the way. Just quit. I've checked fuel pump, fuses, relays, cables, cam sensor, timing chain, now what? Ignition module but my car doent have that. Its got coil and switch but is that all don't know what else to check
I can see my back up camera is operational when I look at it through the settings, but when I put my 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander SE in reverse, it does not display on my screen.
I changed out my MAF sensor. Now it has a low idle to the point it dies unless pressing on gas. Runs rough.
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