Suzuki Sidekick Questions

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Turn key no power. Jump no power no clicking nothing. Tried push starting and wouldn't start either
The car has 85,000 miles. There is no clicking sound when car id idling or not moving. After driving for approximately 10 miles the clicking sound begins and the clicking increases faster as the car goes faster.
I bought Suzuki Escudo three months ago.can not fully accelerates noicy,powerless pls advice
I dont think the tensioners are getting the oil they need
What seems to make the problem better or worse? when it warms up
How long have you had this problem? a week
And when started it won't rev up you slowly it the gas and it raises up to 4.5 and falls on it's face
complete a/c repair 9/2016
05/17 ran a/c while driving and heard a clunk sound behind glove compartment,then smelled burning rubber. Turned off a/c and car ran ok. Afraid to run a/c now.
I changed the head gasket and now the gauges a wack
replacing valve cover gasket, leaking, and trying to find specifics for valve adjustment, video or specs. JLX sidekick sport, 4x4, automatic, vin # JS3TD21VXV4105430, thanks
I would like to know what would cause the airbag light to come on while im driving and why vehicle slowly loses power and dies out when the airbag light comes on
Happened while driving on the freeway. Now cable won't stay connected to plug.
Set the timing via timing light and goofy wire in the monitor coupler. The idle is supposed to be 800 flat but when I crank the idle screw to get 800 it stalls out. Engine runs smooth and quiet at 2K rpm. The number 4 piston was burnt on the old engine. I'm going to cut the cat out. And looking for a new fuel filter. But I'm stumped.
Got a sidekick. No battery in it to use as reference. Need to know which cable set is positive and negative. Ground cable only goes to one side, but some cars that is on the negative terminal.
It's the upper mounting bolt for the starter and it's just hanging by one bolt and I don't know the size of the bolt
Never reads current fuel level
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