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running fine, no problems until I shut it off now it won't restart or even turn over, or anything.

after driving for a little while I will get a carbon smell. My MPG had decreased to 12mpg. I replaced the air filter and plugs about a yr ago

Still running but won't go in gear

Car dealership tech said my AC system is contaminated .

I found that it emptied it self out, through the vent, that I can NOT find the end of, through normal driving, overheating? There was a tablespoon left in it when drained. I see the rear driveshaft seal was 1/2 way out. There was ATF on the rear window & spare tire cover. No codes came up.

I have an enormous amount a water gathering on my passenger side floor board. It is not coming from the wind shield, heater core and air conditioning. My door strips are all in place. My floor pan and carpet have standing water but the top side of my floor mats are dry - tells me that it is coming from underneath. Worse on days with rain and when I run it through the car!!

My A/C is only blowing out of top defrost vents. Same with my heat it only comes out defrost as well.

Cleaned idle valve, cleaned throttle body, changed plugs, checked tps 14%-74% smoothly all the way through, 1.3.5 plugs were very dark while 2,4,6 were somewhat more acceptable. When I press the pedal it just dies, if I start it with the pedal already pressed it will work over 1,500rpm in a smoother manner but not normally. Have never changed cats in 145k miles. It feels as if one plug is not working but all coils are ok and again no codes at all. I'm stumped... Could it be a clogged cat? Hope is not a valve...

occurs between 20 and 40 mph, can not push the accelerator down hard or it falls on it's nose. does not die out. the surging weill stop if you let off the gas and go back slowly.

The cabin filters have been replaced and I see the Blend door actuator gears turning but not sure if the doors are moving. Someone suggested a vacuum leak but I cant find one

we cut the wires when putting on seat covers how do we fix them my mechanic says it will cost over 1000.00

Had new headgaskets put on n the only code is 442

knocks when idling, quits when rpm above 2000

After I changed the head gaskets

The "gate" light in my Jeep Liberty came on while driving and would not go off, even though everything was securely shut. As a result, I was unable to lock my vehicle because the alarm would sound. The interior lights also stayed on during this time, which was a hazard when driving at night as it directly affected my ability to see outside my car. I have done some research on this issue and do see that it appears to be a common problem which may be caused by faulty rubber trim around the rear hatch window. The rubber allows water to get in to the latch and eventually ruins it. I recently had the gate latch assembly replaced, which did resolve the issue

light came on afer a stall then seemed to run fine. Day later started to run rough then stalled and wont restart
p0320 nand p0700 are the codes I got

Im looking to purchase a 09 liberty...It has 102K miles on it though. Are there any major issues I should be looking for with this year and model?

no lights come on. just beep, beep, beep (and does it twice) when put in reverse

On a 2005 Jeep liberty what can I do for the diagnostic code of P0452? What is the most likely thing that is triggering that code p0452? i've already checked the lines and they seem to be good. Any suggestions?

Heat stays on hi and none of the selector dials change anything.

Wife called me at work to tell me she had tried everything but it would not stop. When I got home 45 minutes later, it was still going. I had to unplug the horns under the hood. Has anyone heard of this happening. What could be the problem.

The door locks stoped working. Wipers stoped working, and blows both of these fuses. I tried to unhook the battery terminals and hook them back up. After doing this there is no power to anything at all. We did get the parking lights and dash cluster to come on for just a minute and a no bus coad popped up on dash. Other then that the jeep still has no power to anything at all except dome lights that I had already stated. What is the problem??? Could it be a problem with TIMP or WCM ?

Why would I have 3 fault caution light son at the same time; Slippery road, ABS and EAD light(s) all on?

89000 miles. Original front brakes and I'm about to install my 5th set of rear brakes! Calipers are working properly according to mechanics.

I have two 05 jeep libertys, one 2wd and the other 4wd. The engine in the 4wd went bad so I took the engine from the 2wd and put it in the 4wd. The 4wd has one computer and the 2wd has 2 I think, one is in the same place (drivers side under hood) and the other on the 2WD has something on the passenger side too. Anyways after putting it back together it will not crank, it just turns over.. like it's out of time.


will 2010 jeep liberty rims fit a 2007 jeep liberty

Regardless of whether dial is set to blow from dash, floor, defrost, or all, cold air blows from the floor vents. Dash vents work properly and blow hot air when on.

Just got this Jeep Liberty. If does great in all weather and wet roads and rain I have no problem. But twice now there has been a dusting of snow and my ass end starts fishtailing. Any suggestions for a set of good tires that will stop this but also be good for the Rest of the year? Thanks in advance

Pulled into my parking lot n lightning bolt symbol came on checked the book it said electronic throttle control its hard to find someone because my jeep is deisel

Just died at 35 mph won't start now.