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I have gotten new brakes (pads and rotors) within the last couple of weeks, 4 new tires and front and rear alignments. At first the lights would go on and then off again. This morning, my brakes locked and car tried to swerve before the lights came on again. Lights didn't turn on at all yesterday.
Sputters. Gas pedal non resposive and rpms seem to go up and down . the engine light will keep flashing.
Making a loud terrible scrubbing sound when you crank/drive it. There are metal shavings on the AC pulley and the pulley is completely stuck, can the the truck be driven safely?
where is situate the cabin air filtre
it smel bad whend it s terned on
Loud clicking will not rev up ...cost for new throttle in 2011 Jeep Liberty
Went to Target left my keys in the car with my father-in-law came out started up went back to Home Depot hit the lock button I didn't hear the horn beat though but I kept going and win any Home Depot I came back out of Home Depot went to get my car I turned it ignition on nothing would start but everything works
This problem occurs sporadically as the light comes on and goes off. It doesn't matter if it's at low speeds or sustained high speeds. It even happened shortly after getting an oil change.
Like I asked the front seats of my recently purchased Jeep Liberty 2012 move up and down at all? The salesman was not much help, there's a lever in front to move backwards and frontwards, and a side lever to adjust the seat back....I'm short and would love to be able to raise the seat a bit more, but can't find any other buttons or levers, SURELY the seats are electric, if not I'm realizing why the Liberty was discontinued.
My daughter and I want to repair the window as it does not work, When I push the power window switch It makes a clicking sound, as if it is trying to work but does not
If there any recall on my jeep liberty please let me know
Won't let add more Freon because of compressor clicking on and off
When car runs hot after you cut it off it want crank.
The Am/FM stations all have static. Then every now and then it will tune in to the station for about 2/3 hours. I can listen to my cd's fine and the satellite works fine too.
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