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Engine light came on a week ago. Steady not blinking. Auto Zone says cylinder #3 misfiring. Took it into Jeep dealership, and was told not coils, plugs, or compression.
The warranty ran out last month Oct. 4 ( 5 years or 100,000 miles).Miles at 86,000. Thought the warranty was for 7 years not 5 years or 100,000 mikes. Expires right before the problem occurs ( go figure).
This only happens on rare occasions, but enough to make the vehicle unuseable at night. It has been to two Jeep dealers, spent hundreds of dollars, and still no answers. This happens on "ON", as well as "auto". Nothing seems to bring them on during that episode. On another day, they might work fine.
Thought might be a trans solinoid but got the codes read and seem like it might be an engine or cataylic converter problem. Help!
The heat doesn't work on floor
Rod Knocking
The evap monitor will not reset

Codes coming up: no codes presently stored

2003 Jeep Liberty limited edition 3.7L
I have a 2009 jeep liberty and I went to leave yesterday but when I put it in reverse my horn would honk and my front and rear wiper liquid would spray and the wipers would go crazy.. I do not know what this could be.
I had a friend install a trailer wiring harness on my 2006 jeep liberty. I got a uhaul and my passenger blinker is not working on the uhaul, but is working on my vehicle. My running light also went out on my jeep on the passenger side but works on the uhaul. Also my speedometer lights went out and the lights to control the heat and ac and the lights for my windows. I need any answers i can get. Checked fuses and they seem fine.
Have a 2004 jeep liberty limited. Oil pressure light comes on. Sometimes oil is low but can't find any leaks. Can't tell if it's burning oil or not either. Has a 3.7L V6. But you can start it again and oil light won't be on. Oil level was fine when it happened yesterday. A friend said possibly bad oil sending unit, bad valve seals or worn piston rings. Can't find a leak anywhere though. Any suggestions on what it could be and ballpark on how much it would be to fix? Thank you!
I have had to and water on three different occasions,
1-replaced radiator cap -rubber ring was worn on old one.
seem to have a lot of back pressure.
wondering if thermo is bad, or water pump is out, boiling at fill spout.

Have checked all hoses and fittings, and can find no leaking, I know condensation, off the air compressor,
I had my oil changed and I was told my front axle seals are seeping. I usually find a drip every day on my cardboard from the middle of the vehicle like to where a oil leak would be. I have almost 50,000 miles on my 2008 jeep liberty. I will I know if it comes a bigger problem. do they leak by the wheels? and how long can I wait to fix them ? 400.00 to fix. Thanks, Betty
It just started today when i started it but it stops when its driven..
Thank you
New pads front and rear , new master cylinder, new roters , it's like there is air in the lines but have done everything to insure there is no air in the lines .
How long have you had this problem? 6 weeks
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