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the A/C works but the blower fan is slow
the car will start again but keeps shutting down.
Would start no problem.
The battery charger suggests, the battery is charged.
Run/ran fine.
It only has one big bolt in the middle. 2.0 engine.
That the problem thank you
New ignition coil packs, new battery, fuses are good, liquids are full
I hit wanna know whether or not the 2005 engine will work on the 2002
Air condition fan was only working on high speed. Now it won't turn on at all.
.... sign when I press the eject button on the cd, all you hear is a eject sound but nothing else and also the window that's on the dash it doesn't show anything except for the passenger air bag, please help me fix it or give some pricing. thanks
There doesn't seem to be any specific speed or conditions to cause this. I'll be driving along and can tell from the sound that the o/d has turned off. Other than the sound of the engine there doesn't seem to be any noticeable difference in the way the car drives.It doesn't happen all the time, only occasionally.
Is there a relay or sensor that could cause this? Or, maybe a short in the wiring to the o/d light?
So replaced my battery and alternator last month, my car started not starting, wouldn't click or try and turn over and couldn't be jumped. Mechanic couldn't find anything wrong as it started just fine for him. Drove it today and as its been happening for about a month now. My car would not start. Called the mechanic. He suggested I move the gear shift, I did. It started right up. However now every time I try to start my car I have to move the gear shift.
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