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I like to know how much it cost to change a subframe on a 300M Chrysler 2007 labor
Tail lights and brake lights work fine. Cannot find a fuse blown. Backup light bulbs are good.
My Chrysler 300 2007 3.5v6
Don’t like to start, my wife driving that time and she’s stock in the snow and she force the car to and that is RWD it’s come up not starting. What is the problem relay do I need to change because I change already the starter
My car stopped crossing rain water accumulation on road. Possible damage and cost.
My car stop when crossing deep water in road, possible damage
My car shut off and will not start back up
I can not get into car. Fob does not work. Door handle with the only key entry is broke off. How do I get in car
I had my Chrysler 300S recently serviced for the T36 recall on faulty alternators three weeks ago. Chrysler dealership put in a new alternator. Yesterday my car started acting like it wanted to shut down. I pulled over and the car would not go into park. I would nor shut down. My breaks were locked. I tried several times to take it out of the drive position but it would not. After several attempts I finally shut off (still in the drive position). The ABS lights and my stabilizer lights were on. The radio/phone system in my car stopped working properly.
I called the dealership and they said that it was likely the wheel sensor. Seems suspicious that the recall for the alternator was for the EXACT issues my car was now doing and I had the alternator replaced. Could the wheel sensor cause my car to not go into park?
this problem has been going on for 2 days, i don't hear any noises
My car is making a ticking sound but has had its routine checkup, now the dealer is telling me it is the head gasket but there is no engine light on.
How much it cost to replace an acuator on a 2009 Chrysler 300?
How many miles does a 2009 Chrysler 300 usually last?
Car drove and started fine, turned it off and went inside when i came back out it wont start, doesnt even click. Dash lights come on
I have a regular key no keyless entry
Hi :)

I have a 2006 Chrysler 300 , the Hazard flasher doesn't work but turn signals do.

I already checked the fuse box, replaced the Hazard button on the dash, and i changed a relay (that's related to the flasher lights) inside the instrument panel. Still does't work! I'm wondering if anyone familiar with my problem.

Thank you for your time
Swaping engine from a 2005 to a 2006 Chrysler hemi 5.7 300c
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