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My car overheats randomly Don’t see a leak Only once has it went all the way to hot and warning light came on I pulled over let it cool and refilled with water drove back and very rarely drive car but has not overheated since Well a friend checked out car no leak we drove it nothing So he recommended I clean the radiator externally which he did and said it was really dirty Now I have sludge on cap and inside of overflow Oil refill is clean and dipstick also I have a 2012 Chrysler 300
When I turn over the key nothing will work when you turn on the vent one two three or four I tried the blower motor resistor it's good the blower motor it's good I took out the panel it's good all the fuses have been checked and have power except for it will not receive power on the back fuse the blower motor fuse 43 I think it was no power will go to that fuse only that one fuse check the wire no cracks in it any ideas?
I turn key off and car is still running unplugging battery didn't work I need help finding out why or what I can do
My 300 chyrsler heating gauge will register high then go back to normal while idling
When steering wheel is turned all the way to one side to do like a u-turn car just shuts off
Overheats after driving about 40 mins or so. Actually temp gage flickers at midpoint and eventually goes all the way over until red. No leaking. Nothing on in car like heart or air or radio. Got a new water pump, thermostat, and hose.
ETC light is flashing ..cycle key and it goes off for a while then back on
Radio is on but no sound.its asking for a 4 digit security pin..happened a couple months ago I disconnected the battery and it worked until now
When the I put my turn signal and make the turn the handle gets stuck. Also it makes a cracking noise. And the steering wheel gets a little hard when making the turn
I parked the car and locked it with my fob. I returned roughly 30-45 minutes later, unlocked it with the fob and when I inserted it into the ignition nothing happens. A red security light blinks on the lower left hand side of the dash. I can't even turn it to accessory.
at a service station while pumping gas a friend plugged in her phone but got the cord jammed between the console door and that started it
Days before, it would open by itself. Then suddenly just stopped. I’ve checked fuses and nothing.
New battery car lights up everything comes on will not turn over to crank
my radio in my 2009 chrysler 300 shuts off then goes back on only when my blue tooth is on and does this continuously. If I shut off my blue tooth the radio plays fine but all phone calls can only be answered using my phone
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