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I can't even SEE the plugs on the back side of the engine. Is there a cover or something?

Do they make any replacement parts? I only get the fan kicking on intermediate with no temp,speed or selection control. Display not working also.

My front headlights went out, then my brights won't stay on.
How can I fix this? I replaced the light fuse on the left side and all was okay. Then they the low beam and the bright won't stay on. I can hold the high beam down but as soon as i let go they turn off. Can you tell me how to fix this

Heat radiates out, but blower doesn't funtion

It jumps after its started like 30 seconds after

scanner came up with 41 low reverse solenoid circuit error ( how do I fix it )

The engine stalls out in hot weather with the A/C on. Waiting for about 15 to 30 minutes, it starts and runs. I have no idea why it does this.

why does it only work on the highest setting?

Gear indicator on column quit working so I pulled gauge panel out & found a thin green wire coming from indicator broken.How do I fix this?

I have three children and their seats swivel when I turn I have yet to find any child safety latches anywhere on the car and was wondering are they hidden somewhere or do they not exist?

Alot of electrical wont work

Its the plastic tubing that comes out of the firewall & takes vacuum from the brake booster check valve.

My question is, can i buy just the cable? or is it all one part that I believe is called
the regulator

the passenger side Exhaust Manifold has a small crack in it, is there a way to fix it without taking the manifold off? Like an Epoxy or Liquid Steel or Header wrap?? The crack is near the bottom of the manifold so I do not think I can weld it.

Do you have to take any additional parts off to change the pulley?

The car will start and get to 155 - 165 degrees then it dies and can not restart till the temp drops to 110 degrees . I really need help. Thanks. The motor is the 3.3l v6.

Sometimes engine check light goes on and engine runs as if it is air starved. When turned off for a while starts up and runs smoothly.

Currently have to lock/unlock car from passenger side to avoid setting off alarm!

Cruise control is currently not working. Assuming switch on steering wheel is OK.

It has a 3.0 liter motor and is a 6 cylinder

My car sometimes not always doesn't want to accelerate so i end up burning rubber or on the freeway i have to continue to floor it. I asked two mechanics and got different advice one thinks its an electical problem not getting enough power. The other said the carbon and gas isn't right and it needs a O2 sensor a new Catalytic Converter and a fuel filter. Any help is appreciated thanks

I have a knock in my compressor and need to know if there is a lube in the compressor itself

trying to clean egr valve

cliunking sound when the brakes are aplied

Check engine light is on. And it hesitates sometimes also,and then it runs fine again !!! Could it be the fuel filter

can u seal plugs without trans removal does water get into oil