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speedometer works, but odometer and trip meter don't.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? sometimes it would work and then doesn't work at all
How long have you had this problem? almost year
I can't even SEE the plugs on the back side of the engine. Is there a cover or something?
Do they make any replacement parts? I only get the fan kicking on intermediate with no temp,speed or selection control. Display not working also.
My front headlights went out, then my brights won't stay on.
How can I fix this? I replaced the light fuse on the left side and all was okay. Then they the low beam and the bright won't stay on. I can hold the high beam down but as soon as i let go they turn off. Can you tell me how to fix this
Heat radiates out, but blower doesn't funtion
It jumps after its started like 30 seconds after
scanner came up with 41 low reverse solenoid circuit error ( how do I fix it )
The engine stalls out in hot weather with the A/C on. Waiting for about 15 to 30 minutes, it starts and runs. I have no idea why it does this.
why does it only work on the highest setting?
Gear indicator on column quit working so I pulled gauge panel out & found a thin green wire coming from indicator broken.How do I fix this?
I have three children and their seats swivel when I turn I have yet to find any child safety latches anywhere on the car and was wondering are they hidden somewhere or do they not exist?
Alot of electrical wont work
Its the plastic tubing that comes out of the firewall & takes vacuum from the brake booster check valve.
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