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My vdc (off) and slip light is on and service engine soon light on the dashboard
There is no sound of the fuel pump is sending gas
A mechanic suggested this says it runs warm. It has 110,000 miles
My tail lights won't turn off evn when my car and switch is off, what would cause rhis and how can I fix it?
Everything we can think of, we have checked, everything is fine, but the xterra still runs hot
Has no power n Whit smoke coming out exhaust manifold crackes
Timing belt went off
Are all Xterra Off Road 4X4?
I have had the head gasket replaced with the water pump also. I have the VDC light on now and it is still getting hot. My Exterra off road 2006 has a reverse flow water system I have been told and wondering if there is another valve that might have gone bad or is this a computer problem?
No details... AC light won't light up and/or stay on. Worked fine last summer. Tried to turn AC on today. No light on. No air.
I had timing belt replaced in 2001 Nissan xterra now mechanic calls said transmission not pulling what is wrong
It doesn't do it all the time. But happens when I'm driving and am using the gas pedal and stops when I let off. Doesn't do it all the time but it has the noise and vibration like you run over the line on the shoulder and hit the bumps.
There is a loud rattling coming from the engine/wheel well area in front of the passenger seat. We already fixed the sway bar link and the noise still persists. Can’t see any other obvious problems. A rattle also happens when starting it and sometimes idling. This all happened after going over a bad washboard road. Could it be the starter?
All the battery noises (door buzzer etc.) Are strong and loud as we put a brand new battery in it. When you turn the key there's no clicking, no turning over, nothing.
And when you drive it the car goes dead
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