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Can hear a clicking from fuse box under glove box. Have switched some relays around still the clicking there and nothing from starter. I am able to jump starter from siliod.

When accelerating from a stop my car is very sluggish loss of power.

My car has many issues. I'll try to put them in the order they began (more or less). It's possible it's caused by more than one thing. We've replaced the idle air control valve, the maf, spark plugs and wires, throttle position sensor, exhaust, air filter, alternator and battery within recent years/months. Doesn't matter what temp it is outside, although it seems worse when it rains or is windy.

1) Car lags/jerks during acceleration and sometimes while at a fairly consistent speed, usually between 60-70. Can happen at nearly any speed though. This has happened for 4+ years now; basically the whole time I've owned the car.

2) Code often says transmission component issue, yet if I manually shift everything is smooth and I have no problems shifting to park or reverse either. This has also displayed for several years.

3) Car has somewhat recently decided it doesn't like making multiple stops (within past 6 months primarily). I'll drive to a few stores and find that, after a couple stops, my car doesn't want to start. It turns over and sometimes catches, but then sputters out. When this happens, even when it manages to catch and hold, it will sometimes die or lurch/lag badly when I push on the gas to go forward. It has misfired during this time as well a few times, and the check engine light has blinked. This will also sometimes happen if I idle for longer periods of time. I will put it in drive and then when I push the gas, it will sputter and lurch or die out.

As you can see, we've replaced quite a few of the usual suspects. With 240,000 miles, I'm don't want to keep throwing in parts without more certainty. Thank you!

Looking for used alternator for my 1999 Olds 88 which years Olds has a compatible alternator

It keeps dying while I am driving. And my check engine light is on.

Now I'm going to replace the fuel pump is there something I need to do before I replace the fuel pump?

I went to start the car but when i did it didnt even kick over i tryed takeing the key out but it wouldnt comr out know my keys are stuck

When going down the road if you put the pedal to the floor it picks up very slowly

It only takes 3 minutes on average to get to the 3/4 mark for the temp. My coolant and radiator levels are good. .should I not drive car till this is fixed if indeed its to high of a temp

I know it's not the battery, alternator, starter or solenoid I had them checked at Auto Zone. someone said it could be the fuel pump. What else could it be? I need to find someone to fix it & I don't want to have to pay for 20 different things.

When I first start it up it spits and sputters a little bit as if I have bad spark plugs also there's a loud whining coming from the transmission I think it's the transmission is what it sounds like and the front end is shaking really bad

Fuel pressures good, icm was checked n is good

some times after driving and car sets for A wile it will turn over but will not fire until it sets fore an hour or so then starts right up

My mom gave me the car. She had some backyard mechanic replace the ignition a year ago. Since then, it has been having problems. It won't start some days, after sitting for a day then it will start. It wont start sometimes and you have to wait for the security light to shut off then it starts. Last time it died for them, the dome light was flickering and the windows wouldn't roll down. It has only done this a few times to them. I was driving it to work, went to roll the window down and the car just died. It turns over and sounds like it wants to start but wont. My mom thinks it has to do with the guy who replaced the ignition. ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!

Where would be my first place to check to see what is going on?

All this happened overnight, the transmission is slipping and the engine sounds like a Volkswagen..

I stopped at the store, its never failed to start, then coming out of the store I got into the car, it made a funny sound, and now nothing the starter isnt movin at all. Im thinkin maybe a cable broke off the starter, I have power when I turn the key everything works except the fuel gage goes why past the full mark and the engine light comes on.

What could be the possible reasons the air compressor does not run?

I'm on the fence about fixing the car but if I could find a cheap parts car or subframe I will. What all cars share a subframe/engine cradle with my 1999 Oldsmobile 88?

Radio don't work after putting a new battery and air conditioning won't turn off

Antenna was over heating so I unhooked it.

Front turn single will light up but stays solid and rear blinker an brake light do not work but the running lights come on

Even used starter fluid

Just started doing this parked then nothing turns over but no start

We about to add antifreeze.

The air turns on when I press any electrical button in the car I think it's the engine control module gone out but I'm not sure

Every time I come to a stop it is like my drive disengages and has trouble rengageing when I push the gas pedal. It also effects my over drive, if I push the pedal all the way down and the overdrive kickes in. When the over drive kickes in the car revs up as if the transmission isn't connected at all. Then when I release the gas the normal drive engages and drives normal untell my next stop. Once the car is moving the transmission shifts perfectly. It does this in all gears besides reverse.

This is a 1990 Oldsmobile 88 Royale. Need to know what the part is called to order from a dealership. It is a square piece of plastic, with two outlets for vacuum lines. A nine mm bolt attaches through the center. The vacuum on car is affected due to part being broken and vacuum leaking.

Replaced the noc sensors. What could be causing this problem?

Car has about 170,000 miles. Has a random growling sound in the rear that lasts around 6 seconds every time. Nothing is consistent about it. Can't make it happen either. More frequent since gas gauge stuck past Full and can't add gas unless I do it in small amounts very slowly. Growling started a few months before gas problem. Gas pump shuts off like tank is full at less than 1 gallon, but it's definitely not. Takes about 10min just to get 3 gal. Maybe a coincidence but I think it might be connected. Think the vent or charcoal canister might be causing the gas tank issue. No idea on the growling tho. Any ideas??