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I was told it was the starter so I changed it and now I’m still having the same problems I was having before it does not want to start and now three times the security light has came on and I have change the coils on the car
I was turning right the other day, and after turning right I could not give the car gas and it was hard to steer after. I coasted my car into a parking spot and turned my car off. I then turned it back on and the car was fine until I took another right turn.
The car was running and then it died got into restart it and the key would not turn the ignition was locked
The warmest the engine gets the more it misses. It doesn't matter if at idle or when driving. It is sporadic.
Message center rings and has a low idle and sounds a little sputter from the tail pipe but still runs great
In drive its miss and lose power
Interior lights dimmed stereo turned off headlights turned off then when stopping the car turning the car off it would not start again
I have a 1999 Oldsmobile 88 and the heater controls would work then they would stop now it doesn't work at all any suggestions on what could be wrong I have no heat or AC air blowing the next one is my temperature gauge and when it's heated up all the way we'll hang out at zero and make a little chime noise then go back up to operating temperature it does that all the time when you're driving down the road any suggestions of what is wrong with that one
I have one Brake in the back side still nothing in the front does the lines have to be ground level because one comes up and over the air filter could this be the problem
My radio wont turn on. It shows it has power due to the blue light but the antana wont go up and the radio wont turn on? Is there anything i could have disconnected when i dropped my tank?
Why would my flywheel be stuck?
Ac barely puts out air
Car started losing power while driving on freeway with some shuddering and whining, slowed to a crawl, then stopped and refused to continue. when gas applied, white smoke coming from below car on driver's side, where my automatic transmission is located. Starts up just fine, but refuses to shift into any other gear and will not drive. when I checked the trans fluid the day after I broke down, it was empty. Filled 2 qts back in, but dipstick is light, can't really read it, but unsure if I should put more fluid in. I can hear a strange rattling/electircal shorting or fluid burning off noise from near the transmission that is an erratic sound. Some smoke (white) burning off around engine block (could be from coolant, radiator hose came unconnected during the breakdown at some point). Car has an external engine oil leak, but doesn't seem to eat much oil, don't know if its affecting my transmission or would if I got it fixed. Any help is VERY appreciated. I'm very broke and about to move back into my car which does not even drive right now. Please give me good information. Do I need to replace my transmission? Or are there simpler tricks? Tried to shift again after pouring in the fluid, still no movement or shifting.
Odometer speedometer is not working and fueses are good
At start up car keeps revving until I turn off engine
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