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Had the cooling fan replaced yesterday, worked fine other than that, and today made it to school but would not turn on after that. What could it be?
My Mini Cooper 1 won’t start l put in the key but the starter won’t start lights go on radio works, gas is there, we have a new battery but it won’t start please assist
I’m planning to buy a Mini Cooper 2010 , but the car has a check engine light on it because of the transmission leak , the car has 141 Miles, I was wondering about the estimations to get that car fix ?!!! Thanks
Engine light came on when I trun on AC put new alternator.only when I turn on AC..the engine like come on

how to find the engine number in a mini cooper 2017 with a engine type -b36m- hard top- two doors
2003 Mini Cooler 1.6l
It has two problems an they may be related.

1. When the engine is cold and the car is started, the high speed fan comes on after 5 seconds and runs as long as the engine is on. Temperature gauge works and reads at midpoint. The ECU is clearly turning the fan on 5 sec after the engine is started even when the engine is cold. Fan relay is OK. ( I did not check infamous low speed resistor)

2. AC compressor does not kick on when AC switch is activated. Blue snowflake light illuminates on console but no compressor. AC charge is ok (checked with gages). AC relay has power and compressor comes on and air gets cold when I jumper the contacts at the relay socket.

Tried resetting ECU to no effect.

Thanks for any help

I have a new clutch and slave cylinder in a 2005 mini cooper non S and I've done the compress it and bleed it process and no air is coming out but I still have little to no pressure in the pedal, if I pump it I can sometimes get it to go Into gear on jackstands but it is undriveable
The clutch seems a little stiff and the back end of the vehicle seems to shake.
So I have this problem that when my Mini is idling or stopped at a light the RPM's will dip ever so slightly. There is no signs of stalling or chugging, but I get this little putter like symptom. It doesn't always happen, but it is pretty constant. If you are stopped it might happening every 15-20 seconds.

A little back story is that I have all 4 spark plugs and fuel injectors replaced a few months back and that actually rectified a more noticeable problem. This seems to be like the last little bit of my problem.

If you use a code reader I get no issues, I have no dash lights on, absolutely nothing indicating a problem. But I can tell its just not perfect. Not far off, but not exactly perfect.

My question is where do I start lol .. I've seen a couple mechanics and I have gotten no answers and I would love to fix it, but no clue where to start. Hoping you all might have some suggestions I could start with myself and conduct a little testing.

Really any advise is appreciated. TY
The heater never blows out heat unless you are sitting idling. The thermostat has been changed. The mechanic thinks it is under the dashboard.
when i start my car in the morning the power steering work, the battery light comes on but it still works if i stop and shut off the car and restart again battery light stays on but power steering is hard. any idea why this is happening? oh and by the way i replaced the power steering pump but same thing
Engine turns over but won’t fire
No faults coming up on dash
Everything else works fine
Had a mechanic out, he plugged his computer in and found no faults, tried to start the car and it started first time
Mechanic said he had done nothing to it
Ran car for a couple of days and won’t start again
Any ideas??
I am troubleshooting for code 303. Check engine light stays on.
Since the recent time change my center console display keeps turning off & on. I tried to update the software but it does not recognize any usb device I connect to the car with the updated software.
Fuel pump good, relay switch good. No check engine light. Second time in few days after getting gas. Computer showing only 9 volts so that's low and fuses seem good and battery charged alternator good. There a gas leak code but now nothing again. Confusing.
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