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the key will not open the mini cooper

I have to add oil once a month. I had it checked and there is not a leak.

My convertible top does not open all the way. What is the cost to replace the switch function

My recent purchase of used car. When I release accelerator my car slows down and at acceleration there is a rough noise in engine compartment possibly drive shaft. Front left wheel has play. while standing wheel can be moved in and out side to side approximately 1 inch.

Had the struts, bushings & tie rods(inner & outer ) and still shaking and now when I turn the steering wheel it makes a kinda grinding sound. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am running out of money having already spent $2500.00 so far. P.S. I have already had the tires all balanced and an alignment after tie rods.

The car idles high with surges and then Boggs down below 1000rpm. It idles at below or just at 1000. When taking off it rev high and then Damn near stall. If you stop it will stall but keeping the motor art 1100 rpm keeps it from dieing out completely.

N12 engine, is this the time frame that the timing/tension belt needs replacing? Things that I should look out for to negotiate pricing?

The rear brake lights remain on when the car is turned on. But they do not brighten or indicate when the brakes are applied.

Exhaust is wet with black

I just need to know the repair price for this,to fix airbag and see the leakages and fix the bonet

i was driving on highway and heard an incredibly loud sound in the front of car, as if i had hit something or fell in a deep pothole, however the car didnt dip, swerve, tilt, or anything. but now it is lower in the front than it used to be!! any ideas whats happpened to my car? it still drives.

We have replaced the thermostat and also the water pump

the off switch is off and car is off. all the lights flash and I don't know whats wrong

I am thinking about buying this as a used car.

It also g as began to over heat

It's been broken and not ever since they had it in for the recall .? It's been broke down and I have been in tears over the car and lost my job and I drove it for 1day and spent so much money on it and it is still broken down

what is the time to repair and cost

It started about a week ago. It sporadically blew blue smoke, small amounts when going at slow speeds, stopped for a few days, then started a couple days ago again; last night it's doing it while idling. Again, very small amounts. No engine lights. Either piston rings, valve stem guides, or PCV valve? What else could it be? I'd like an estimate before I take it in :(

whistle goes away when pressed slightly. Happens almost always, but less noticeable after a longer drive, whistle Chirping best describes the sound.

The car has only 15,00 mile on it

My oil dipstick broke in two with part still inside the shaft. Tried to grab out with tong but seems stuck in bend. How can I get it out?

today the light came on and when I shut the car off the fan kept running for about 5 minutes

Bf jumped the car after the battey died. Now the windows are unresponsive, the interior lights (colored,roof) dont work, and the blinkers dont work outside nor in. Everything else seems to be fine. What could this be. Tried the unplugging and letting it sit of the battery. Nothing. Tried banging on the panels in the doors. Nothing. Tried toggling the switch for the windows. Nothing. Checked all fuses. They are all fine. Not sure where to go know. Im thinking its becaused it was jumped but how can i fix it and how much will it cost or is there something i can do. Pretty handy myself.

Spent 11 hours replacing my clutch yesterday and po117 code poped up and my car is overheating. Sensor looks like. Not sure whats the problem

Car received a tune up for malfuntion in two piston not releasing, now I am replacing the clutch. But it seems that the Brake light won't come off nor will the icon of the car on a platform. The machanic does the logistic test and nothing comes up. What could it be?

Is there a gasket below the trans. cooler? The hose fittings are tight and not leaking. Thanks

Brake check engine and Eml light is coming on

My daughter's car was making an unusual noise and so she brought it to repair shop. It was 3qt low on oil! Repair shop added oil, drove it a bit (surprised it sounded and felt fine but there were some error codes) and recommended brake job and water pump replacement (leaking) along with a thermostat replacement. Started the car in the afternoon to bring it in for water pump replacement and it sounded so bad he didn't start the work and will do some more inspection (remove valve cover) but the engine will probably need replacement. No obvious oil leaks, oil changed and checked regularly. Issue may be with reading the dip stick? Does anyone else have this issue?

I have a 2006 mini that I just bought and I can't figure out how to set up the Bluetooth so I can use my phone /navigation through the stereo. Any suggestions?