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i need my motor mounts replaced
engine vibration through the center of car
and nothing. when blinker is turned on you can hear the excellerated clicking under the hood indicating a problem, but i am not sure what to do or check next. any clues??
When I use my blinkers all blinkers light up like the hazards are on
Thank you
needs a code of some sort
black box two wire con.coming out of it
drivers door or rocker panel. how do i drain it out ?
While driving yesterday The AUTO & EC light (economy light on control panel) is stuck on (always red). I can't get cold air to function
Yesterday The e light (economy light on control panel) & Automatic light stuck on (always red now). I can't get cold air to function.
The car is making a noise like a bad U joint, but, it has rubber U joints. Could it be a bad CV joint?
I have replaced my radiator cooling fan (Mercedes e300 td 1999) and I don't know what way should the wings be ,,, please someone help mee ...
This happened about a year ago. Shortly thereafter, the "check engine electronics" sign appeared. Now, it never goes away. Have taken it to three repair shops and they don't know why the light turns back on. Actually, I didn't realize there might be a connection between the accident "check engine electronics" sign suddenly appearing until I saw a somewhat similar comment posted here.
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