BMW 330Ci Questions

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nothing at oil changes
Service engine soon light is on.
Different parts etc. thus reason for not listing specifics therefore just in general overall wondering about interchangeable or compatible at all????
I want to buy a front license plate holder for my 330CI and it says it requires an offset bracket if I have Parking Distance Control (PDC). I don't see any sensors on my bumper so I don't think it does, but how do I know for sure. It does beep when I get into tight spaces.
Car isnt running at all needs new engine and transmission. Is it worth to fix it or should I try to sell? Where would be a good place to sell?
Came home to find break lights on that won't go off and most lights on dashboard on

How long have you had this problem? One day
does the bmw 330ci automatic transmission speed sensor have a wire lead?
Ive made sure the gas cap was on tight until it clicked but the light wont go off. I need to get it smogged. What could be yhe ptoblem and how could i fix it
Resister worked great for 1 day then stopped working. Can they be bad out of the box?
I tested it along w/ igniter on passenger side and both are fine. Turn signal and flasher (halogen lights) all work, Just main light not working.
Need any extra parts to complete this swap?
the front lower control arms are worn and i want to be sure i order the correct parts. they ask for body code?
Flashing red oil light in stop and go traffic. Oil level is good. Oil does need to be changed.
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