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I have removed the dash control front bezel, the touch screen unit, and the CD player; I thought the AC/heater control unit would be in the cluster behind the bezel, but I don't see it. The wiring harness that connects to the front bezel, which I think services the touch buttons for AC/heat?, leads into a bigger harness bundle and goes...somewhere?

A diagram, step-by-step, and/or video of how-to would be awesome...
I came home from work this morning and when I went to go to the store the engine won't turn over..... lights, ect are still working..... it's like it's locked up
I was driving about 70 mph (with cruise control on) and coming to a quick stop when my engine/tacometer revved up all the way to red. The car would barely move forward. There was a slight burning smell that went away, eventually. I turned off the car and let it sit. After about 30 minutes, I started it and drove off fine, but it still feels like it's not as powerful as it should be.
Headlight is melting inside of socket. Replaced it 5x. The last time replaced it melted an hour later. The bulb itself was tested all 5x and still works.
What could be the reason for tripping the air conditioning compressor on a 2007 MKX Lincoln? After starting car and switching on the ac the blower blows air, sometimes cool and other times hot. During car is running, compressor will turn on and off without pushing any buttons.It starts after couple of minutes and after some time it stops cooling again and than starts again after some time etc. It can run the whole day without cooling and next day it will cool perfectly :(
I had a new compressor installed this year, and the problem has started about a month ago...
2 mechanics have said that my 2011 Lincoln MKX (74,000 miles) needs an engine replacement (total $7,200) due to coolant mixing with the engine oil. What led up to this was a light coming on, I added oil (in the correct part) and the next day, car stopped quit, chugged around the corner into the gas station driveway and that was it. Had it towed to the Lincoln dealership... couldn't believe without any kind of warnings, overheating, NOTHING symptomatic occurred, all of a sudden it needs a new engine??!! I had it towed to a mechanic (family member uses and trusts), said the same thing. Now I read about the Ford Edge/Lincoln MKX 3.7L V6 engine complaints and apparently this is common. Can you shed some light on this matter?

1 month earlier, I had the car in the dealership service for an oil change... is there any way someone (i.e. a new mechanic) might have mistakenly added coolant to the oil... could it have run for a month, driving it just a few times a week, not far. Or, could someone there or anywhere else done this intentionally??
Have replaced the engine fan assembly with new. Fuses are fine. Fans still won't come on. Ideas?

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing
How long have you had this problem? 1 week
is there a recall on air conditioner cool air one side hot air driver side
Cabin gets very hot before fan cycles on
dealer has replaced two sensors in and on the transmission, now he wants me to pay for ignition droping out, tune up coil #1, intake gaskets and pcm update
at $690.
one tire has a broken belt.
all other tires are 5/32 tread depth.
First started by working sometimes then if you cut the car off and back on it wouldn't blow anymore. Had AC hose cleared and replaced filter but still nothing blows when AC is turned on.
rattle in rear roof area when driving over rough surface.
The pigtail has been replaced once but there headlight burned out shortly thereafter. My mechanic said the entire electrical system for this needs to be replaced.
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