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Happened once (for sure) keys in the house; noone in car; brake light came on also.
Normal driving,and low oil pressure light comes on and off, kept driving for a minute or two to destination and shut engine off. Checked oil level, full. Started engine to see if it would illuminate again, and it did not come back on. Im not a mechanic but i know a few things about engines and there was no check engine light with that low pressure light and my maintenance schedule has always been on time. There are no leaks no noises, engine running smooth as ever and i know these newer vehicles usally are low maintenance. Could this be a faulty sendor?
Engine is misfiring when driving. While idling, I pull clip off injector five, car dies. Pull clip of injector 4 and no change in how car is running, but code says misfire from that cylinder.
My 93 jeep opens at 191 degrees...what temp should my 2007 Lincoln mix open
when I put my 08 lincoln mkx awd into reverse it thumps a bit,when I put it into drive and accelerate normally it is smooth as could be but if I have to hit it heavy and it jumps into overdrive I get a large bang almost like being rear-ended, as soon as it happens it smooths back out then as I'm coming to a stop most times there is a slight bump when shifting from 2nd to 1st gear. I just bought it a bit over a week ago and dealer is giving me by the book BS to keep from fixing it. also has leak in power steering return hose as well.
I had a fluid leak on my 08 Lincoln MKX. That was blowing out the back an all underneath the car. Took it to the shop the mechanic said the seals were leaking. Replaced seals an checked fluid in the PTU an put 1 1/2 quarts in. Now it’s making a winding sound. An the transmission is shifting hard at times
My 2016 Lincoln MKX came with 21” wheels for which tires are very difficult to find and expensive. Can I change them to 20” wheels without major issues? Of course the speedometer will be off . 65 mph would actually be 62.79 . Warranty issues?
They Flash brightly when they first come on, but then immediately go to about half brightness and stay that way.
I replaced both front o2 sensors and keep getting a check engine light. My computer states bank2 sensor1.
Can you please explain what these codes generated by AVIS mean: PMSCR2 QUICK RO PMSCRT
After getting gas the car was hesitant to start, then shortly after the check engine light came on, today the car completely stopped while I was driving.
I have removed the dash control front bezel, the touch screen unit, and the CD player; I thought the AC/heater control unit would be in the cluster behind the bezel, but I don't see it. The wiring harness that connects to the front bezel, which I think services the touch buttons for AC/heat?, leads into a bigger harness bundle and goes...somewhere?

A diagram, step-by-step, and/or video of how-to would be awesome...
I came home from work this morning and when I went to go to the store the engine won't turn over..... lights, ect are still working..... it's like it's locked up
I was driving about 70 mph (with cruise control on) and coming to a quick stop when my engine/tacometer revved up all the way to red. The car would barely move forward. There was a slight burning smell that went away, eventually. I turned off the car and let it sit. After about 30 minutes, I started it and drove off fine, but it still feels like it's not as powerful as it should be.
Headlight is melting inside of socket. Replaced it 5x. The last time replaced it melted an hour later. The bulb itself was tested all 5x and still works.
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