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When I start it sounds good I put a new oil pan new oil pump course oil change new spark plugs new distributor and rotor as well as a new fuel filter and fuel pump but for some reason when I come to a light or braking for a turn my oil pressure have drops and then the truck Will sputter until I can press the gas or most often dies leaving me to have to throw in neutral and restart this has a 5.9 360 with a 727 torqueflight transmission
My transmission started slipping mechanic said tourk converter was bad had it unsalted in the process transmission front seal got damage so it leak seal got fixed but know no leak but its slipping again when truck & transmission is cold it will drive,this i know he broke the transmission shifting linkig put the wrong transmission fluid what can i do now
when you are going about 50 mh and brake to make a turn the engine stalls,
I have "in" and "Out" ports on the same side of my fuel filter and am confused about which line goes where
Speedometer-erratic & wrong, no odometer, headlites & cluster-interior lites all flicker.
Will not start car in fear it is empty of whatever oil or fluid battery now dead too
checked: fuse-ok
resistor-looks ok-has varied resistance
switch-ok-checked continuity
blower motor-ok-bench tested with battery
no power to fuse key on or off-all other fuses have pow
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