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whether idling or going down the road for this whole last week, I've never had problems before with this and I've had the car over a year.

I've replaced my radiator, water pump, heater core, both hoses that come off of the heater core, atleast three more miscellaneous hoses that were related to cooling system. The most recent was my water pump. Starts just fine and It takes 5 mins for the car to shoot right to the red. Any suggestions would help a lot!!

Car runs bad.

fuel pressure starts at 90 then quickly dissapates. Car starts when you prime
the rail but doesn't stay running.
I get a small squirt out the injector and it then stops.

Without any sort of warning or particular amount of time while driving the car it occasionally drives a certain amount of miles then shuts down

have a 96 Oldsmobile Achieva how low rpms it has its shaking sound sound like it's trying to engage and the over drive won't kick on when I floor the gas. Can I fix with out an expensive mechanic I've tried using seafoam and Duralube transmission cleaner all kinds of stuff even replace the four silinoids in the transmission itself

Coolant/antifreeze is leaking from the A/C evaporator drain and blower module drain. There's also a steady flow of antifreeze from under the car. Coolant mist blew into the car from the A/C, but was still cold. There was also a white, sweet smelling smoke in the car interior.

i pour water in the radiator and it just pours out at the bottom on drivers side of the radiator.

Except for the air bag system and seat belts. My husband just cleaned and vacuumed the car and that fixed it? Wondering why?

My heater and defrost works fine its just the ac it blows air just no cold air

We replaced the back drum breaks, disks, and cylinder and correctly put them back together but the breaks are still not working correctly. We do not know how with all the electrical stuff on the master cylinder if it needs bleed too or if it just needs completely replaced.

Read a lot of posts about pass lock problems and mine does the same thing. Starts for a second then stops. But I have no dash lights. If I put the key on and wait for the dash lights to illuminate most times it will start. Then runs very rough until I can get on the road. This happened twice in tHe last 6 months, then twice in two days!

were is the oil sensor located at in a 1997 oldsmobile achieva?

Heater and everything inside works fine, just not sure what could be, hoping not head gasket.. any suggestions?

I haven't had the battery checked, but would that cause this problem? I had a similar problem right after buying it and had to have the ignition or something to do with this rebuilt. It worked fine until 2 months ago. I can't register it as i need to smog it, big problems.

I'm trying to check it because my car just stopped. It cranks but just will not turn over to start. The spark plugs has been replaced and a new radiator. The car also has more than 3\4 tank of gas in it.

Where would the distributor be located and if any of it has been disconnected will this stop the car from starting?

But as I kneel down in from of the car while the hood is up I do get a faint smell of gasoline

i have a quad 4 engine that has what appears to be a metal plate covering with 4 screws going through the top of the engine cover. Is that what I am suppose to remove and then I will see the spark plugs? I have unscrewed all four screws but the plate does not seem to come off so easily. Any advice how to remove it?

Have spark, fuel gauge is good, fuel injector pulse is good, but the engine dies IMMEDIATELY after it starts.

Did notice that when spraying carburetor cleaner into the intake manifold it would idle, but die as soon as I gave it some gas.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.