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Not sure yet if it's the head gasket, as there wasn't any water in the oil when I checked recently, but there was a slow leak in the hg a few years ago. Recently the car started leaking randomly (thought it was from overlow tank) & now immediate leaking & overheating. The mileage (77,000) is amazing for a 1996, so if it needs this major it worth putting the money into it??
My 1997 oldsmobile achieva was losing power coming off the interstate and stalled at the junction. The car kept trying to start but just wouldnt start, it started for a brief second and stalled again. There is a quarter tank of gas in it . Any ideas ? Any help is greatly apprieciated
Went to get oil change at Chevy dealership and they told me they now only use synthetic I ask and state that i didn't think it was safe as its an older car. They Supervisor bob said oh its ok and they used4.5 quarts of Dexos 1
So is it safe for them to have done this. Will it ruin the seals or anything else in the engine and if it does then are they liable.

Thanks in advance for you help.
I have all most every thing new on car , I just did control arm . I NOTICE THAT THE FRAME IS RUSTED CAN I REPLACE THAT.also the sway bar broke theistill 3/4 left is it safe,i don't see any problem driving car I have drivers side with the links on it
I am attempting to replace my radiator in my 1998 Oldsmobile Achieva. I've got the fluids out, hoses & tranny lines disconnected, the radiator is loose & ready to go, but I don't know how to get it out of there. The upper cover doesnt seem to budge. Does the fan need to be pulled out first? Thanks.
How long have you had this problem? Few days
whether idling or going down the road for this whole last week, I've never had problems before with this and I've had the car over a year.
I've replaced my radiator, water pump, heater core, both hoses that come off of the heater core, atleast three more miscellaneous hoses that were related to cooling system. The most recent was my water pump. Starts just fine and It takes 5 mins for the car to shoot right to the red. Any suggestions would help a lot!!
Car runs bad.
fuel pressure starts at 90 then quickly dissapates. Car starts when you prime
the rail but doesn't stay running.
I get a small squirt out the injector and it then stops.
Without any sort of warning or particular amount of time while driving the car it occasionally drives a certain amount of miles then shuts down
have a 96 Oldsmobile Achieva how low rpms it has its shaking sound sound like it's trying to engage and the over drive won't kick on when I floor the gas. Can I fix with out an expensive mechanic I've tried using seafoam and Duralube transmission cleaner all kinds of stuff even replace the four silinoids in the transmission itself
Coolant/antifreeze is leaking from the A/C evaporator drain and blower module drain. There's also a steady flow of antifreeze from under the car. Coolant mist blew into the car from the A/C, but was still cold. There was also a white, sweet smelling smoke in the car interior.
i pour water in the radiator and it just pours out at the bottom on drivers side of the radiator.
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