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Just purchased car today. Seat was working yesterday. Has a memory setting. Is there something in a Porsche that could lock out the seat?

Hear a clicking noise, but doesn't move. Can I adjust it manually somehow until I get it repaired?

Alarm not working and back trunk jammed shut

The windows will go all the way up when the top is down

Is this due to the right rear caliper not functioning properly

Boxter w/30K miles very well care taken, no racing. The engine check light went on n took to the Porsche dealer, they try ti find the problem, diagnose tool showed #2 cylinder problem, checked spark plugs, injector s, etc, measured compression n found a little compression loss. Dealer wants to disassemble the engine to check further. Cost estimate over $10K !!
I suspect the engine has factory defect. Any similar defect reported ? How to solve ?

Now air bag indicator is on all the time and horn goes off with moderate braking.

When I turn car off dash lights stay on every time day or night and battery keeps draining what should I do to fix this problem

boxster engine cuts off at low speed. wont restart immediately. after 2 to 3 hours, will start up

The fan graphic on the dash goes us and down, but it doesn't seem to be blowing any air. I can't find any fuse that is associated with the fan.

the seller said I had to start the car and while it's running I had to turn the key over a second time... if I don't do this the car acts like it won't run just chugs

Does is trigger a trouble code in the computer to shut down?

Without crazy modifications, is there a solution to be able to play music from iPhone via bluetooth or other method

Car is in 1st. The clutch works, but you cannot shift. This just happened!

I'm installing part number 99620122107. I've accessed the canister, but cannot determine how to disconnect tubes. Tried a few minutes but afraid I will break a connection. How are various tubes disconnected to remove canister?

I know you can check the oil by turning the key to the first stop. However now every time we try starting the car it won't let us start until it checks the oil level. And sometimes it makes you check it twice before starting. This every time now.

The passenger side view mirror is no longer adjustable from the switch on the drivers side door. I can move the glass by hand but the switch does nothing. The same switch still works for the drivers side door mirror. I assume it would be the motor but wanted to see if anyone else had a similar issue.

I know you have to pull the emergency brake, then we can't figure out how to get the thing on the wind shield to "snap" open to put the top on. Thanks for your help & have a FABULOUS day!!!

I know you have to pull the emergency brake, then we can't figure out how to get the thing on the wind sheild to "snap" open to put the top on. Thanks for your help & have a FABULOUS day!!!

I am doing a retrofit of the base radio to the OEM PSM 2.1 Navigation.

I can turn on my headlights but when I pull the knob for the fog lights to engage they will come on but once I release they shut back off and the only way they will stay on is if I hold the button out

Clutch pressure plate gone?...or hydraulics going?
Feels like the old scenario of someone "riding the clutch"

I'm wondering if she hit a speed bump? What could cause the car to leak from both the front and back? The front leak looked more like thick liquid (it was night out) and the back leak looked more liquidy (it didn't "pool", but drained down the road; I used papertowels and cat litter to soak it up. We'll take it to the shop tomorrow, but it would be nice to have a remote idea of what it could be!

brakes wont return after applied seems like vacum prob it causes engine to drag or stall. very dangerous

i have a little tear just over the rear window where the top bend to fold down it look like premature wear

recently had right window regulator replaced. all worked fine till today. put top down on my 99 Boxster and windows went down like normal. Put top up and windows will only go up half way.