Porsche Boxster Questions

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I have Failure spoiler control indication, air bag and a system fault , visit workshop and a triangle in a circular
Car does start I have front lights and emergency blinkers
Car is a 1999 Boxster that does not appear to be leaking in the trunks or through the roof but I have found water under the passenger seat. Thank you!
Just purchased car today. Seat was working yesterday. Has a memory setting. Is there something in a Porsche that could lock out the seat?

Hear a clicking noise, but doesn't move. Can I adjust it manually somehow until I get it repaired?
Alarm not working and back trunk jammed shut
The windows will go all the way up when the top is down
Is this due to the right rear caliper not functioning properly
Boxter w/30K miles very well care taken, no racing. The engine check light went on n took to the Porsche dealer, they try ti find the problem, diagnose tool showed #2 cylinder problem, checked spark plugs, injector s, etc, measured compression n found a little compression loss. Dealer wants to disassemble the engine to check further. Cost estimate over $10K !!
I suspect the engine has factory defect. Any similar defect reported ? How to solve ?
Now air bag indicator is on all the time and horn goes off with moderate braking.
When I turn car off dash lights stay on every time day or night and battery keeps draining what should I do to fix this problem
boxster engine cuts off at low speed. wont restart immediately. after 2 to 3 hours, will start up
The fan graphic on the dash goes us and down, but it doesn't seem to be blowing any air. I can't find any fuse that is associated with the fan.
the seller said I had to start the car and while it's running I had to turn the key over a second time... if I don't do this the car acts like it won't run just chugs
Does is trigger a trouble code in the computer to shut down?
Without crazy modifications, is there a solution to be able to play music from iPhone via bluetooth or other method
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