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Some days my battery light comes on and other days it don't I was driving battery light came on . Then with out the heater or air on it starts blowing hot air all by itself and then thè abs light battery light traction light and seat belt and airbag light came on came to stop and it shut off!! Would not start again. Jumped it and it made it home which was about 4 blocks . Next day went out started it and it started was running and then shut back off .what is the cause of this ?

If I hit the inst. panel, the code goes off for a short time then comes back on.

worked fine yesterday, turned on the air conditioner and it was blowing warm air, low 4x4 and abs and traction control lights all came on, air started blowing warm air...

We changed the oil in my Aspen today and now it's losing power when I drive it. It was fine before the oil was changed.

I feel that there must be an ambient light sensor as the EVIC and temperature control cannot be seen during normal daylight.

When put in drive it moves like in neutral

I had serpentine belt replaced but noise did not stop. It only stops when i press the gas pedal down. Once i let off the gas the noise starts again while driving and while sitting idle.

where is the fuse or relay located

After replacing the water pump (serp-belt) my car will not start , why ? It keeps acting like it wants to start but will not turn over and it's not lagging like the battery is low either it just won't turn over for some reason what would be causing this?

no heat out of rear controls either nor from the front controls. Please help with solution

At 55 mph or above tranny will downshift hard without warning,almost throwing me into wheel. It also will not always downshift when stopping.I can tell it is in a higher gear when pulling out. Problem is random, runs fine most of the time.

When I try to roll down the windows it will not roll down. The sunroof will not work either.

Raer heat will not blow warm air

When we had oil changed in Dec. was told serpentine belt was due for replacement. Could this be he problem?

My truck started to over heat and lost all power and will not do any thing. does this mean that I have to get a new engine ?

Radio will only come on if its cold out and once it warms up it shuts off. The remote starter starts the vehicle for a few seconds and then shuts off. any suggestions?

Am mechanic

I wanted the estimated cost of repair.

If I turn the key twice before actually turning it on, it will start with no problem. If I forget in the morning to put it in the on position, it sounds like it's stuck turning the engine on. What can that be?

For ten or fifteen minutes. Alternator charge bounces down to 12 volts for split second

Does unit have cabin air cleaner?

Had the directing arm repaired, it broke again a month later. Had it repaired again, it broke while testing it.....inferior/faulty parts? Or just my luck? I live in Alaska, so I NEED to be able to warm my feet and defrost my windows.

My aspen is stuck in gear doesnt want to go back to park and now cant turn it off to get my key out.

I was cleaning truck this morning and noticed condensation under the passenger floor mat. I have never seen this before. Any ideas what it could be?

We took a weekend trip out of town and I noticed that the passenger's floor board is hot to the touch. My wife says this has been going on for awhile. Any ideas on what it could be? Concerned on if there could be extensive damage being done under the truck.

dealer states it is a module connected to the clock spring and is on a national back order due to so many going bad. Why isn't this a recall

This vehicle drive train is an automatic 4 wheel drive that the front wheel engage when the back wheels slip but you can lock it into 4 wheel high and low. My son's friend had our vehicle in 4 wheel drive while it was raining. He made a sharp right turn and broke the cv joint but now the vehicle won't drive at all unless it's in 4 wheel drive. You can take it out of 4 wheel drive but it won't move. We was told it could be transfer case. Could it be or is it possibly something else that's wrong. My son said when they pulled the broken cv joint out from under the vehicle that there is a wire that is connected to the hub assembly torn loose from under the vehicle.

Driving along the freeway, no load on truck, slow for traffic, go to accelerate and it has shifted to Tow Mode. Won't shift back to OD. Stop, turn off engine, wait a couple, start up and back to OD. Up hill auto shift down, shifts to Tow Mode, won't shift back to OD.