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I parked in the front of store while my daughter run into store for a few items. When I started the car it didn't catch like it was just spinning and when it finally did it was shaking so bad like the engine was about to come out with a lot of noise. Turned off and tried again the noise lessen and shaking continued put it into gear it shut off. Each time the noise and the shaken lessen but I had to have it towed. Turned on this morning less noise and shaking but a lot of smoke. Engine light flashing on and off
Overheats at a stop or idling and radiator fan not engaged, Cooling system not leaking, no fan motor it’s on a clutch, have already replaced t-stat and both radiator fan relays, any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
Everything seems fine. But when accelerating, i have to press pedal half way in and engine seems to be forced and puts high rpms but starts very slowly to move. To maintain speed at 75mph I have to press pedal half way in, rpms to 3000 to stay at 75mph. At 85 mph rpms go to 3500. At deceleration, speed drops quickly to almost complete stop without brakes. While in park position, engine idles perfectly. No noises, no leaks, no burnt smells.
i have a 2007 Chrysler aspen limited edition when i put my key in the ignition and turn it over it hesitates for several seconds and then it will start up...some days it will start right up..other days i have to try it 3 times before it will turn over and start

i don't hear any noise nor do i have any leaks
Specifically we found a blown fuse, under hood fuse box (Power Distribution Center), 30 amp cartridge type. Replaced with like type and size and instantly blown when keyed to start. Our question: what is downstream from this point? What failure mode are we looking for now? Starter relay failure? Solenoid fused? What are we looking for next...

Thanks so much!!
I changed the throttle position twice and the light is still coming on and the truck is idling high and hesitating. What other problems could it be.
My check engine came on but the suv is still running good with no issues so i would like to know how i can replace that part
What does heated calayst monitoring mean on 2008 Chrysler Aspen 4.7
I have replaced all speed sensors and solenoids, shift linkage is new only thing untouched is interior of transmission valve body has been redone all new seals without tearing into gears. Have not checked the TCM or the PCM yet. That's the only thing left everything else is changed.
What is the discard thickness spec on both fron and rear rotors? I’ve tried to find the spec sramp on the rotors, but am unable to find it
My chrysler aspen is stuck in gear.. I changed the gear shifter cable because it ended up being broke but even with the new one on its still stuck in drive or 1st gear not sure which. Tried to move it by hand on the transmission and it still won't move
the rear gate up and down warning signal does not sound. where is it located? can i change it out?
Nothing at all
When you stick the key in the ignition switch and turn the key it won't turn over. The engine light came on. What is wrong with it?
The same code p0305 cylinder #5 misfire keeps coming on in my 2009 chrysler aspen . I've made all the repairs. Ive spent $1000 now and still cant figure out the problem. I've even taken it to the dealership!! I'm so frustrated! Please help!
I've replaced
Intake manifold
Runner valve
All wiring
Spark plugs
The cylinder 5 plug
Oil change
Cleaned fuel injection
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