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Not sure if it is the car battery or the alarm control battery, I still see the little red light on the control though.

If solenoid values are known outside of the valve body. What is the expected value of the ECM Wire and or the Trans Valve Body wire? Trying to determine if a bad intermittent problem wire.

I put the muffler in and now the car accelerates wrong it don't accelerate when push the gas it accelerates by itself. Also tried to replace the number 30fise and when I put it in it sparks and burns it out

These two tests alone will definitively tell you if you have a leak or other engine problem, where it is. Why can I not find these tests available at most mechanic shops or sites, including

I had driven about an hour and was parking in my carport and the trail started when I was in the concrete and s bigger spot when I delayed to pull in . It was like water , I rubbed my hand in it no smell and not greasy. Condensation maybe ??? But is that normal ??? Just had this car 3 days , runs great , love it . Now worried

Bought this car not to long ago @38000 miles took it in for 45000 mile maintenance and an oil change I was told that I'll be needing to get my brakes replaced is that common?

radio went on and off first then steering became hard, then the car died.

was able to get restarted about 3hrs later but doesn't run right

It stalled out and would not move into any gear. Had to have it towed to my house.What is the problem?

Is it possible it can be tightened instead of buying a new assembly?

Almost all keys on touch screen display is not working. I can just operate temperature button and turn on and off AC. AUX port is also not functioning. Please advise.

I was told the whole ligh kit would have to be replaced and it would cost around $1,200

Well first it was air conditioner was frozen, car won't start,after belt broke, then it was car won't start because carbon build up.????????

Computer problem: Five minutes into the drive after starting the car, the Lexus computer system restarted itself with logo and everything. I was going at about 40 mph on a straight road. I did not notice anything out of the ordinary with regard to the engine.

Headlights: The headlights are set to Auto and the fog lights are off. The headlights came on inside the garage. I turned off the engine, exited car, pressed the remote lock, twice. Headlights are still on. Pressed remote lock twice, again (no dice). I had to turn the lights off manually and then lock the car.

Can i just replace sensor.?

it pops when i turn it pretty good a low speeds like 5 or 10 mp. and when i brake than when i accelerate. and its not a continuous popping sound it pops one time hard after each. it aint the cv axles i don't think or the tie rods. i was wondering if it may be a subframe bolt?

When trying to put the top up on my convertible to goes 80% of the way then stops. I turn car off and try again, and it is stuck at the same point. will no go up or down all the way.

It has a hook up for ipod and mp3. But I can't figure out how or if I can hook up my music from my Android phone

It used to play while I was driving down the road or just sitting in the car then one day I turned it on and all I get is sound and no image.

Already remove single bolt on the shock and the 3 bolts on top. Still a lot of pressure on shock

Driving. I changed the water pump and pulley and has done it since actually a week later

it sounds like i'm starting a lawn mower up, like it's not catching at first then when it does it makes a noise turning over. I just had the start assembly replaced but still the same issue and no one has been able to duplicate it while it's in the shop and i'm paying an arm and a leg to get it checked out

What could possibly be the cause of this?

How can I stop the afs light from flashing. This started when I replaced all 4 shocks

The screen shows each area like audio, GPS map, menu etc... but when I touch screen, no response...Poof, one day it works and the next it doesn't. Its never come back, just stopped working. Any ideas?