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The dashboard and screen seem very bright at nighttime. And the screen stays lit up at night where it always darken at night
Replaced the battery and also keyless remote battery, car will not start and keeps blowing fuses.The keyless entry will not work. Only headlights coming on.
2011 Lexus IS 250
Last month it was the right side. Today the left. Is there or has there been a recall? Went to Toyota place dealership. They told me I would have to have whole new assembly. At the time like I said was just the right side. Now my left side is in the same condition. My husband has electric tape on it them right now holding them in place. So ghetto. Please tell me I can get a cheaper fix that what Toyota dealership wants to charge me.
every now and then sometimes as often as driving during the day I hear this clicking knocking noise.
When u in a stop sing feel like u loosing power...when u driving the car when u try to accelerate it doesn't response right away only sometimes..
Is there a recall my p/s light just came on in my Lexus 2006 IS 250
I have had the car for about 6 weeks, and, initially, I had to have the key pad close or press the knob under the dashboard.
Not sure if it is the car battery or the alarm control battery, I still see the little red light on the control though.
If solenoid values are known outside of the valve body. What is the expected value of the ECM Wire and or the Trans Valve Body wire? Trying to determine if a bad intermittent problem wire.
I put the muffler in and now the car accelerates wrong it don't accelerate when push the gas it accelerates by itself. Also tried to replace the number 30fise and when I put it in it sparks and burns it out
These two tests alone will definitively tell you if you have a leak or other engine problem, where it is. Why can I not find these tests available at most mechanic shops or sites, including
I had driven about an hour and was parking in my carport and the trail started when I was in the concrete and s bigger spot when I delayed to pull in . It was like water , I rubbed my hand in it no smell and not greasy. Condensation maybe ??? But is that normal ??? Just had this car 3 days , runs great , love it . Now worried
Bought this car not to long ago @38000 miles took it in for 45000 mile maintenance and an oil change I was told that I'll be needing to get my brakes replaced is that common?
radio went on and off first then steering became hard, then the car died.

was able to get restarted about 3hrs later but doesn't run right
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