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Feb 2017 I replaced spark plugs and coils in 2,4 and 6 for first time after approx. 100K miles. Sept. 2017 replaced 1, 3 and 5. Check engine lights came on again June 2018 and computer diagnostics says change plugs 2, 4, 6 (again) and coil on 6. This will be 9 plugs and 7 coils in 18 months. Coincidentally problem has happened after I left the car outside of my garage and unused for 7-14 days. Could it be ignition coil wire corrosion, oxidization or some weather/ unused factor making this happen?
Dash of the IS 2010 is decomposing!
I changed oxygen sensor bank 1 code was p0172 but the engine light, vsc and track control lights turn on and off, stay one or two das and between..thanks...
The car is no crankingcranking its just become only
The VSC light with check engine light is on. Lexus recommended I start with replacing the brake light switch first and if the light comes back on then will need a new transmission. I had my mechanic change it and the light did return. I took it to a transmission repair shop and the man said that he does not feel and problems with the car shifting and said everything looks fine. About 2 years ago I did have the VSC sensor replaced. Could it be that it is not functioning again?
It got backed into with a tow hitch and now the grill is damaged. My first drive home all the lights came on(vsc,cel,traction control) but hasn’t come on after that. It’s been one day and I’m wondering if it’s worth going through insurance. Only the grill is damaged and nothing behind it
I drove over the yellow marker when I parked. Now the bumper is half off
Is there a recall for the door panel that are melted
i have problems my car is not starting i have all light off at the dashboard i bout new battery!!! afar i bout the new battery started but after 5 minutes shot off and the battery died gain.
What can It can be?
Losing brake fluid
No turn signals hazards or taillights
After an 1hour atempt to start car cranks then shuts off, I lose communication, check engine light and battery light and won't crank again, after 1hour same thing all over again
The dashboard and screen seem very bright at nighttime. And the screen stays lit up at night where it always darken at night
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