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How do I trace a short ?
When I try to start my Topaz, the engine has to be floored in order to start at all. When it does finally start gas pours out of the throttle body and the car, since over flooded with fuel does not want to run. I have replaced the ccrm to no avail
Car was driving and rmp gauge started jumping but not engine rpm and then the engine died and won't start again. Car has been setting for a year or more. Oil coolant and trans fluid are all good.
my car starting 2 lose gas uses alot
I must of hooked up the wires the wrong way. When I reconnected the positive cable the car started up without the keys in the ignition. Now I can't get anything to work in the car. Any ideas thanks
If I let it sit a Lil bit it'll start again sometimes it'll go far sometimes it'll only make it a few miles
What would be needed for repair for it to stop normally...... reminder doesn't stop.....
I don't really know what's wrong with it yet my mom said the whole front panel needs replaced and wherever she took it they told her they couldn't find it. So instead they made the air conditioning come out the defrost vent only and it constantly needs filled up with freon. So I'm just want to know where I can order every single part needed so we can try to fix it
It cranks,acts like it want to start. Pulld plug wire,inserted a plug then grounded plug. Spark was oarnge in color. Wat could be bad?
We have an 88 Merc Tracer my son just bought. It was running rough so we replaced the plugs n wires. Everything is gapped correctly, firing order is correct. We can't get it to start. It cranks over n you can smell fuel, so no fuel issues...its just not sparking. Any ideas?
i have a 89 mercury tracer station wagon and my rpm gage quit working
I am trying to add Freon to my 1993 mercury topaz and I can't find the plsce to recharge at
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