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My 2015 Infiniti Q50, 3.7L sedan originally came equipped with 19 inch wheels and Bridgestone run flat tires rendering the ride and the suspension extremely stiff and uncomfortably harsh, especially when driving on side roads other than the freeways and smooth and even surfaces. On the latter mentioned surfaces the car runs great. The car, right now, has only 8,000 miles, approx.
In my quest to try to soften up the ride, at about 500 mile, I had the tires switched from the Bridgestone to a set of Continental Extremecontact DWS tires improving the ride and suspension significantly; however the suspension is still pretty stiff.
My two questions specifically are: is it better for me at this stage to go with a 17 inch rim and tire scheme, or would it better for me to change the front and back suspension such as struts/shocks to ultimately be able to improve the ride? My second question is: doing either one of the above changes, will it affect the overall handling of the car?
I cannot find the location for the vapor canister vent solenoid , can you please tell me where it is located , thank you so much
My car doors won’t open nor will the trunk what do I do to get into the car?
brake pedal has to be pumped to get pressure. shifting problem also
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