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hot or cold it goes into limp mode can last for ten miles or twenty yards there are no strange noises or any other indication went it starts but there is a sort of sound when it comes out of limp mode it does with a full tank or empty it can run for sixty miles or sixty yards when it is out of limp mode it will only rev to 4000 then starts to miss fire there is a small oil leak from the oil cooler at the back of the engine
there is no strange noise sometimes it starts in limp mode then clears other times it starts ok then goes into limp mode at times it runs for miles in limp other times it only lasts a mile or even less it has run for 60 miles with no trouble other times it can be yards.It seems to have started after I had to brake very hard hot or cold it makes no difference to how or when the problem occurs
just ran a diagnostic test on my s70 2000 volvo and got 2 codes p0500 and p1670. what would the cost be to fix it.
pinging warning noise on constantly, and using release button not making a reads parking assist needs servicing.
The light display in my v70 2009 used to cvange from black back ground to white o e when theres light ( like in the morning) but now it doesnt. It just stuck at the black background even in morning
sometimes when i turn on the car it starts but many times is doesnt the n i keep trying and evenually it starts
Yes I have just changed the spark plugs in our 2000 Volvo v70sc and after I changed them it wouldn't start so please if you could help me because I need to have it up and running by August 3rd so that way we can go to Ohio for our family reunion
The brake pedal hisses intermittently when the car is running. sometimes depressing the brake causes it to start, sometime is causes it to end.
pump is working, fluid added to car drips out by drivers side tire
Doing it more frequently. Replaced maf and map sensors. When we did that it ran fine for a day or two. Any ideas will be appreciated.
sounds like it is from the tire area
I had my car in the shop and the front wheels were removed, when I drove home there was a severe shaking in the front end and I found that the lug nuts were really loose and two had come out. I back tracked and found the other lug nuts but they had grease on them.
Was driving down 220 when my speedometer stopped working and my car stopped working immediality and now it won't start at all.
I really thought it was supposed to be lighter color than it is.. Sorry! Its my first car...

the car has been in a front end collision. there are a few parts that either weren't replaced or not re-connected. the window and headlight washers aren't working what I need is a diagram of the hoses?.
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