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The other lights in the dash all seem to work fine. I have checked the fuses but found nothing that would be the easy fix. When the sun is behind me I can see the display, but otherwise I can. The information is correct, I just cant see it.
roll bar also has red light on

does it make a diff on what type hydraulic fluid use
little glovebox above radio will not open. is there a secret
Car runs okay after starting it feels like it is flooded
Also the drivers window won't go up or down
I just replace A/C climate control until, no change. I was thinking heater control value dirty or needs replacing, or monovalue. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
The carfax report shows 107,016. I suspect the odometer has been replaced. Your thoughts?
I don't have turn signals or emergency flashers and wiper doesn't shut off
causing this problem. Or is there a secret I don't know.
It runs rich once it starts. It has to wait about 10 minutes after turning off the car before it starts. I think the FI system is metering incorrectly (rich).
All of my interior dashboard lights are not working but the fuse is fine. Any suggestions?
I have a 1976 450-SL that came out of 7yr storage. The oil, gas, plugs, antifreeze looked great. I hooked up a battery and it started right up. I let it run 5 or so times, 30min at a time each week. The last time I started it up I forgot I left it running say an hour or so. When I remembered I found steam coming from the passenger side of the engine & shut it down. Antifreeze puddle under the car. What might I have damaged to cause this. After cooling down; I put antifreeze to fill the radiator; in a few days (without trying to restart the car) there was an AF puddle under the car. I have NOT tried to start the car since. The car was always left running in my garage with the exhaust facing out my open garage door. What steps should I take to check for possible damage?? Thx
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