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Transmission input shaft is dicontinued , need to find one to use , rx7 transmission s are user to fine i can find that input shaft , instead of buying a whole nother trans
1990 Mazda B 2600i. Don't want to remove whole dash, just need to get behind switches to change globes. Any easy way?
My 5.7 liter chev c1500 truck has a high idle of 1500 all the time. I changed iacv valve, the throttle position sensor, pcv valve and it still has high idle. Right now i have mass air flow sensor unplugged because it was running rough just until i get new one. What else can i try, would mass air flow being unplugged cause this.
The idle speed is approx. 2500 RPM when first start, doesn't drop down. Seems to run ok, and RPM' is OK, except when shifting, or in neutral??
Removed tank to replace/repair fuel pump sending unit assembly as the fuel line had rusted thru. Repaired this assembly and pressure tested it before reinstalling. Noticed that the rubber mount piece on the back flange of the tank had distorted and shrunk such that I had to elongate its holes in order to fit it over the tank mounting bolts. Filled tank full and noticed back lower half of tank was dripping gas. (Top of tank is dry)
I suspect that tank rear flange bolt holes are leaking. Can this be repaired by clamping with copper washers --- this will bypass the rubber mount feature of the original installation?
I have a rattling or clunking sound from underneath the vehicle sounds like it's coming from the transmission area mostly happens upon acceleration also have trouble shifting through gears please help
Happens more in the summer months. If I have to stop quickly and take my foot off the accelerator fast and press the clutch at the same time, the motor shuts down. Any ideas?
There are 5 wires that come out of the fuel pump and go into a plug to your wire harness. The wires pulled out of the half of the plug on the fuel pump. Need to know which wire's go where in the plug
it was running fine I did clean under hood a few days earlier but it ran fine after for two day then this happened
I recently acquired a mazda b2600i and I fixed a leaky valve cover on it. It ran get for about 2 months and then I noticed I needed to do an oil change bad, so the plunger may have been clogged during this period. I put 10w-40 synthetic in it, then about 2 weeks later it starts to tick from the around the valve cover. I got a stethoscope and put it on the fuel injectors and cylinders #1 and #3 injectors sound like they're ticking. But it doesn't run bad so that's why I believe its the lifter/s. It has 208k miles and my friend has the same model that lasted for 325k before it needed any major work.
It has good get up and go lots of power- but when you shift it rakes a little when you change gears.
1987 4 cill 2 low compression
My Mazda 2600i misses sporadically. I changed wires, plugs, distributor and coil. Sometimes it runs perfect but later begins to miss. I used injector cleaner with no results. Spark plugs were not wet or Black.
The pickup when started will only go in reverse. You can not go forward. The man that had pickup said it would need a transmission. Is there anything else that could cause this problem?
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