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my a/c blows air but no cold air what refrigerant do i use?
Which way does the air check valve go. It's green on one side s black on the other and how can you tell if it's not working? I have code for incorrect air flow from the air pump everything new except that valve.,
My 2000 Cabrio wouldn't start so I charged the battery using 10 amps for a few hours. Car still wouldn't start and when I put the key back in the off position the gas and temp gauges started going back and forth like windshield wipers and there was a loud buzzing sound. Also the rpm gauge went to about 10k rpms. I had to disconnect the battery to get it all to stop?? Any ideas you might have will help me a lot
Thank you very much, Don Smith
I have had the car for about a month and it has got a lot worse since then and I also just replaced the clutch
2000 cabrio 2.0 litter- i noticed my car was running very hot and cooling fans are not working. ive checked all fuses and all seem to be ok. any help would be much appreciated. thank you
it moves freely, just moved car out of garage and then moved to center of driveway to check out my tires 4 air and went to put car in drive and it feels like the transmission linkage is missing
I changed the fluid and now the car has little power up a hill.
happens just about every time I take it out, but it starts right up again
how do we remove the front windsheild side molding, so we can replace the windshield? Even the glass shops can't figure it out.
We are trying to replace it but we do not know where it is located.
It is lose and not connected any longer to anything. What do you think for repair fees?
Buying a car from owner and he said the only thing wrong is acceleration problems. I need to know a price somewhat around a certain amount so I don't pay to much to buy it and then have to waist money fixing it.
No spark, everything else works
because i put new fuelpump and new relay and it wount go on. it does like to start but it wount. what else i can check
was in winter/snow weather over wkend. when i went to drive car, oil light started flashing after i drove less than a mile, now when i add oil, it comes out immediately and leaks out onto ground... help! what should we check first?
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