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how do we remove the front windsheild side molding, so we can replace the windshield? Even the glass shops can't figure it out.

We are trying to replace it but we do not know where it is located.

It is lose and not connected any longer to anything. What do you think for repair fees?

Buying a car from owner and he said the only thing wrong is acceleration problems. I need to know a price somewhat around a certain amount so I don't pay to much to buy it and then have to waist money fixing it.

No spark, everything else works

because i put new fuelpump and new relay and it wount go on. it does like to start but it wount. what else i can check

was in winter/snow weather over wkend. when i went to drive car, oil light started flashing after i drove less than a mile, now when i add oil, it comes out immediately and leaks out onto ground... help! what should we check first?

Will the light go out automatically? What is the next thing I should check?

thanks, Melinda

At first, out of nowhere my car would crank but wouldn't turn all the way over. After so long of trying though it would start. Thought it might be a fuel filter; so I topped my gas tank, put fuel injector cleaner in it and thought it was fine after it ran 2 days no problem.
Nope. I have the new fuel filter, but before I replaced it, problem got worse.
Now it will not crank at all, and none of the dash lights come on when I turn my key, but the radio and the clock will still come on.
Keep in mind, after I mess with it for so long, sometimes it will start. Once it starts its running fine, it has yet to die while in use. The problem is getting it to start.
Any information is greatly appreciated.

It was raining.I turn the switch to get them to go slower they stopped in mid motion in the middle of the windshield.

have checked everything.still not working

I only drive the car in the summer hence abs is not needed is there any harm in disconnecting the system.

I pulled over and parked, went to start it back up and it wouldn't start. I tried starting after it cooled down but still nothing. I have a full tank gas. All my fluids are good. And its not the battery. Any ideas?

Windshield wipers stopped working. I'm assuming the Wiper motor has died

Had 100k service done. Wondering if putting more money in is going to be possible at this point.

They go down after the car has been parked for a couple of !minutes or it could be a couple of hours. It doesn't do it all the time

Only happens every once in a while but mor often

me how to fix the problem

I have an issue with my Cabrio. At start up up I gotta put my foot on the gas pedal to fire it up. I also gotta hold it on there till it idles right. It idles weird at start up as well, it'll go up and down. After it idles and runs right if I leave to soon and go to a stop sign or stop in general it'll try to shut off unless my foot is on the gas pedal. If I pull out on a hill it wants to shut off as well. And while I'm driving it jerks back and forth till I get the gas pedal to a certain point or if the RPM's are higher. If I get on it the car will really jerk back and forth bad. If someone can help me, I'd GREATLY appreciate it. I can't figure out what's causing it.

It cranks over but won't fire - is this a faulty key only had the car a week now

while driving our 2002 cabrio the car stopped driving and the engine light came on. I was able to put the car in first and parked...had it towed and trying to figure out what's wrong? can anyone give their thoughts? is it something in the engine or transmission?

Stream out of oil filter fitting

I purchased a 2002 VW Cabrio GLX for my daughter. A pretty good car overall but I have one issue.

The FRONT windows will not roll down. Even after I replaced the drivers side switch. I hear the passenger try to do something but nothing happens I hear nothing when I try the drivers side.

The back windows work great and there aren't any other electric issues with the car. The previous owner said that the windows stopped working at the same time.

I haven't seen any fuses for the power windows. Is there a relay or something up on the fuse box?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

So I went to start my car last night and it made a rough grinding noise and kind of sputtered when it finally cranked. It did this twice last night and then today when I went to go somewhere it did it again but instead of grinding then turning over it made the noise and won't start. Any ideas as to what this could be. Have fuel to the engine, have spark as well, new plugs fuel pump is cycling, I precious had my starter seize up and I tapped it with a mallet and it started working again. Could this mean my starter finally has gone out?