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I removed the hard top of the car and later in the day I was trying to get the soft top up. The crash bar came down then nothing happened and the light just stays on. The light is on for the crash bar also. Could it be a stuck relay or something like that?
i turn the key to the 2nd position but nothing comes on. i tried the windows, radio, nothing. could it be my key went bad?
Where is the trunk wiring harness access for the oem trunk mounted cd changer?
I turned on the car and the battery light came on. As I drove down the street, the car would not shift. After 10 of the car being on, the light went off & then the car drove fine. Confusing...
I just replaced the hydraulic lock mechanism for soft top . Put it all back together the way it was before .
Wiper fluid spraying out of headlights. Then a loud screeching sound started but when headlights turned off stopped. Screeched when turned back on. Just happened so not sure how to handle.
my soft top won't go down when I pull the button back and my right window stopped working at the same time, is there a common fuse that they have and would they be related?
I have been using premium clean gasoline and wonder if I should start using pure gasoline.
when I first start engine cold after it has sat I here a loud holling noise in top end for about one minite then it goes away.I Took belt off front of engine and it still has the noise. sounds like it is in front of valve cover ,load under car.
is there a way to release the back of the bucket seat with no electrical working is pulled the handel to release to move it forward now it suck in the forward position
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