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When ur driving it sometimes loses power and goes in to leap mode could it be catalytic converter
the rear seat belt on the drivers side of the van is locked up, I can't get it to retract or become loose. It is not operational in this state and that leaves my seven seat van down to a six seat van. I pulled the side panel from the back but was afraid to continue taking it out because I have a habit of forcing things and breaking them.
I would like to know how to get the rear seat removed so I can disconnect the seat belt anchor. I am hoping when the belt goes slack, I'll be able to get it going again.
Do you know how to remove the rear seat?
Have you ever encountered this problem with the belt?
what should I do?
Thanks for your time and opinion,
I have tried twice to use rear view mirror glue. Failed both times. The problem is there is an emblem that is on the window between the window and button. The glue does not stick to the emblem. I was told to scrap off the emblem, Impossible. There is no edge to get a razor blade under and I tried cutting the emblem, did not work either. Any ideas?
Right new front brake pads only get tighter without releasing and get hot. I cleaned all parts and replaced pin bolts with new rubber covers

1999 Nissan Quest GXE 3.3V6
twice in two months, my tire rips apart in the middle while driving
The van is losing coolant about a quart every 200 miles there are no leaks and the water in the radiator is now foamy
the car just died and we changed the pump and filter. ran air through lines to make sure there were no clogs in line. gas is getting to the engine ( coming out both lines to regulator), spray starting fluid in and starts right up then dies. will run as long as you keep spraying it in.
Cold starts, noisey, no power steering, long after driving noise hoes away, rough idle

do I have to take out the intake manifold on my 1997 Nissan Quest to change the egr temperature sensor?
The display still works .. time & temp but when I scroll thru the menu it's not right. Says average speed is 15-16 When we were just doing 55-60 coming home.. so idk if that has any thing to do with it or not
What are the basic steps to replace a AF/O2 sensor on bank 1?
Dvd player on 09 nissan quest keeps suckin the disc in and out
looking to get fixed asap
The van drivers window wont work, the passanger one is going down by it self, had to roll it up and hit the luck button to krep it up.. the sliding doors wont unlock.. that worries me, i have kids in the back and they cant get out.. there seems to be an eletric issue, how do i fix it?
the number 5 cylinder have a intermittent misfire it don't misfire all the time seem like it do it after the engine get good hot what all i need to check to fix the problem?
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