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It sounds like a hump is in the tire but there’s nothing wrong with the tire
Code reader says TCS/CIRC/A/T 1st GR FNCTN/CHAIN OF IMMU-KEY/CAN COMM CIRCUIT battery wants to start but wont
Have to take out the TCS relay fuse let it cool off otherwise my van is in limp mode and I can only go 10 mph
I have a new one just wanting to see if I can do this myself...its a 2004 nissan quest..3.5...catalytic converter
My van acts like it's gunna start and wont. It's not starter alternated or fuel pump. He's saying it's a security system preventing from starting. I got a new fob and it's working still won't start
it turns over but want start
Why is my Nissan Quest Engine losing power and backfiring, especially up hills and when torque is needed.
My 2001 Nissan Quest, the radio, cruise control, lighter, wipers, VCR player, and the side mirrors only work when the key is in ACC position does not work when car is in drive. ???????
Is there a way to see the dvd controls on the navigation screen of a 2007 Quest SE
My 2009 Nissian Quest. We will go to start it and it will start up shake bad and bog then die out. We have to sit and wait for like 30 mins or so before it will decide to start up.. does it when it feels like it.. no lights come on in the vehicle when it happens.. I’ve paid the dealership money to diagnose the problem but they say there is nothing wrong!!! HELP
I just bought a 99 Quest with a 3.3 and 130,000, how would I tell if the timing belt was already replaced?

Thank you!!!
there is no power of any kind when key is in ignition or when trying to crank. battery is new, but it will start with a jump.
I was driving and the van jumped a lil like it jumped gears so to speak so i pulled over to check fluid it was full when backing up it didnt move but forward gears work fine.
I change.the radiator and wnit start why
My air conditioning unit blows warm air
It was reving perfectly fine then I dropped the transmission pan and replaced the pan gasket and put new transmission fluid in it and now it won't even rev passed 2,000 rpms. Please help me
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