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What can cause this and best guess on cost to fix. Thank you

Thanks Dave J . that's what I was thinking it could be, Drive Axle or Transmission.. Will definitely look at that... Thanks again.

wants to lock up, doesn't want to accelerate pas 30 or 40 miles without rattling shaking. what can it be

Purchased 1 month ago will drive but shakes while driving but when out in reverse won't move at all so can only drive forward.

the lights are not working

Hesistates while driving

Now it want start at all.

It started rough but cleaned terminals started pretty clean but had the same problem later had battery starter and altenator checked everything is good

the front work in the winshield only I field a little air

Feels like it's hard to go over 40mph

Problem just started today I stopped to put gas and now its just not turninh back on

My fuel pump quit twice while I was driving It was replaced but I want to know if it is a problem that will continue.

Bought 2004 Nissan Quest changed oil and all fluids then the top of the radiator exploded while the car was in park I replace the radiator "I tried to replace the thermostat" I also changed the ignition relay and the multi-purpose relay because they got wet from the antifreeze after all of that the vehicle still won't start


This started 6-7 days ago, continuously while driving.

my gear select but did not move in REVERSE. it will show reverse light but refused to move. please advise on what to do.

flashes all the time car won't start

i started the car put in reverse it started moving then i i heard a clank, and it stop it wont go forward or backward i had to push it out of the drive way what could be the problem with it.

car just cut off while driving. I think that it is the security system. How Can I bypass it.

I need help I'm in a position in what I can't figure out anything

It doesn't die in reverse.

door has fallen off track

Happened after I set off the alarm

Reverse lights don't turn on when in reverse and the bulbs are new

2002 Nissan quest 3.3 replace distributor car starts fine all of a sudden just shuts off and will not start I wait a while and try to again in the vehicle started but then shut off again when put in drive or sometimes and park it will shut off can anybody help

My key fob quit working, then the check engine light came on and now at speeds from 70-80 the TCS cuts out. The car shudders the TCS light goes on w/ another Light"SLIP" the car has died twice when those lights have been on. Car is becoming harder to start.

Right before this happened all lights warning lights on the dash came on and now it turns over but it won't start

I know it is probably just the age and mileage. But other than the age and mileage of the vehicle , which is 149,000 miles, what could be causing the Catalytic converters to be going bad? Not going thru any oil between changes.

You can feel the vibration and shaking all over the van. And when I hit the brakes it starts knocking and shaking so bad it feels like the brakes are just going to snap and when I hit the gas pedal after that it's still knocking and shaking. Please HELP..