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Doors beep 3 times but not locked and won't open. Will open manually. Seat was tilted back , now won't come back up or move in any way. Thumping is not a click. THUMPING.At present drivers side rear,but has moved around.
The rear passenger door on my mini van doesn't close properly. Has anyone else complained of the same thing? And, is Honda gonna do anything about it. I have Grandbabies that ride in there, and young children. It's not exactly a safe thing.
Checked out the battery, distributor coil, ICM, CPS, distributor cap, rotor, Main ECM, all fuses. No flashing codes via jumped connector. Cannot hear the fuel pump come on. Spark at distributor coil but not at any spark plug, all grounds connected. What would cause the coil to have power but no spark to the plugs and no fuel pump activation?
It stops after about four minutes. Is still cold out, around 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
I had my engine filter changed at Jiffy Lube when I got my oil changed at the end of January. Today, I was accelerating into traffic and my car just pretty much quit. It reduced speed down to a crawl and then stalled out. I was able to restart it and pull off the road, but later in the day when I drove, it wouldn't start easily and took awhile before it stopped the crawl/shaking and then I could drive it. The dealer says it is the result of a damaged MAP sensor. My car has 40,000 miles on it. The dealer also says this is probably the result of the filter that was put in at Jiffy Lube being incorrect and maybe too large to allow the airbox cleaner to close all the way. They are telling me it is a 600.00 fix and my extended warranty won't cover because they are blaming it on the Jiffy Lube air filter. My question is, if the airbox cleaner was open for two months, would this have happened sooner? Trying to figure out how to get this paid for. by either my extended warranty or JL.
I have a 2009 Honda Odyssey and for the last 2 weeks my check engine light has been on. My engine also sounds like it has a knocking in it. I was recently told that the knocking could be a bad harmonic balancer. Just yesterday I was driving home and as I made a turn my engine shut off. I pulled over and tried to start it back up. I was successful at restarting the engine but then it started revving by itself. It stayed between 2,000-3,000 rpm. I’m not sure what to do. PLEASE HELP!!! When my check engine light first came on 2 weeks ago the codes where cylinders 5 and 6 and random misfire so I changed spark plugs and check engine light is still on. Don’t know what else to do.
The noise stops when the shifter is put into park . The noise is coming from the rear of the van on the drivers side .
When the car is on there is a clicking noise coming from behind the car dashboard
When I put the van in gear to back up it makes a beeping sound and won’t shut off after I open the side doors. Now it’s pulling down the battery so it won’t start. What would I look for to get this fixed? What is the radio code for my 2006 Honda Odyssey. They unplugged it thinking it was the radio that was pulling the battery down
At how many miles should the drive belt and/or drive belt tensioner be replaced?
Just been told after oil change at Firestone I need both struts and shocks. I have never driven on rough roads, mostly highways and major metropolitan streets and freeways. I have not noticed any problems with how car handles or rides.
No air conditioning
I have a 2013 honda odyssey the check battery sensor is on how do i get it off
shows on the dash
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