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engine runs hot
after turn car off there is no fan on in engine compartment
My odyssey was not equipped for towing from the factory, what is is needed to add so I can tow a small boat?
Had oil changed and alternator replaced in my van. Noticed oily leakage next day and took van back to shop thinking it was engine oil. They said engine filter and cap was fine so I left. Next day still noticed more leakage so went back to shop for 3rd time. This time they said it was power steering fluid leaking as they had to disconnect hose in order to replace alternator and power steering fluid leaked onto engine. They cleaned engine, checked hose and fluid and said it was fixed. 8 days later I'm still seeing some leakage. None of this leakage was there prior to the service. Is this shop guilty of puncturing a hose or something and they are giving me the run around trying to cover it up or are they telling the truth? and why would there still be leakage?
2002 Honda Odyssey - I was told that the front struts are starting to leak. what should it cost to replace the struts?
I have a honda oddesey 2003 it works fine we had it for a couple of years but this prblem we ran into a couple of weeks ago.
When we would turn on the ac in our minivan it would accelerate and dont know why.anyone know?
there is a cd stuck in the cd player, is there an easy way to get it out -- when I put eject error message says bad disk.
The motor whines and then the latch pops as the door opens. Some times it will whine and fail to open. There are times it works as it should but I'd like it fixed. The part cost is about $400.00 from what I searched on GOOGLE but what's the TOTAL repair cost with labor and where do I go to get it done? The videos I looked at on youtube on how to replace the motor assembly looks like more than I want to tackle on my own. I thank you for any help you can give me.
The steering wheel is locked and the key won't turn.
The vsa light came on and it started to bog down the other day but didn't died. Drove fine yesterday. Then the vsa light came on and just died.
How long have you had this problem? Couple of days
i took a sharp left turn and it got loose. my husband drove it today and it happened when he took a sharp right turn. i notice it does get loose when I hit any hard bumps. I have over 193,000 miles and afraid its the axle
How long have you had this problem? just started today

How long have you had this problem? quit when battery died. replaced battery ac still don't work.

How long have you had this problem? just staeted sudenly.
In the past ten months I've had to change all my spark plugs and cylinder coils twice. I'm burning through oil too. Rhett problem started at about 65k miles and had not stopped. My husband was in his car behind me and noticed that my car was randomly shooting out smoke from my exhaust. I called Honda and they were no help at all. I do not know what to do and need help.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Replacing the oil, coils and spark plugs just seems to be a band aid. What makes it worse is accelerating, especially in an incline
How long have you had this problem? 10 months
My car is not moving fine, the gear selector is not going beyond D4 and all the door lights areare on on the dashboard
Car not moving fine, dashboard is showing lights and D4 is blinking
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