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I need to know to remove the small drawer below the radio
brake lights remain on after I shut everything off and leave the vehicle?
Our 2010 Honda Odyssey is having AC issues. Originally, mechanic diagnosed clog in condenser. Then later still have issues and replaced evaporator and coil which had a large leak. Air blows super cold now but on long distance drives literally seems to freeze up. Blows hot air and won’t cool. After it’s off for at least 1/2 hour it seems to work again, and sometimes spews droplets through the vents, as if something was frozen and then thawed and now water in system. Any ideas on what this minhjt be and what repair may fix it. After these two costly repairs we are upset it still isn’t working properly. We want a general idea of this is something we should live with since it’s mostly fine for in town driving or if it’s something worth the repair.
the vsa dash light as well as the brake light on the dash are on and they both stay on . Is there a way to fix the problem and what could the problem be? I have changed the oil like I should and have done the proper maintenance.
Gauge goes up everytime I stop and sit for a little bit
Playing with Dial scrolling unit switched off, won't display
The alternator will not charge the battery most of the time. Then I will have sometimes where the alternator will just start working. I have check the fuse. It was good I still changed it. I have had the positive lead cable changed also. I had the alternator checked 3 times before I took it to Honda 1 out of the 3 times I actually took the alternator off the van and brought it to a part store to have it tested on their tester. All them times everyone said it was good. But as soon as I take it to Honda they run the expensive computer test they tell me it is the alternator. I am thinking how can that be? Does anyone have any ideas??
Honda odessy overheated coolant leaked into radiator squeaky noise and smell greenish liquid from overflow coolant reserve and in stayed on after van was turned off
I have a 2004 Honda Odyssey, the alternator belt snapped while I was driving. I have changed the belt, but now the car wont start. Any idea of whats going on? Thanks!
2004 Honda Odyssey dark blue. The paint is starting to peal off I remember years ago getting a recall notice on the paint but I don't see anything here about it. We have always kept it in the garage and washed by hand weekly, very sad about the paint.
Put key back in and tried to turn it on but won't move
I have a 2003 Honda Oddessy 155000 miles . I noticed oil drops on my driveway coming from my vehicle,nothing major.i also noticed oil on side of engine. I kindly appreciate it if you can provide me with what may be the problem .

Thank You
What could this be ? How do I check it ? Clean o2 sensers ?
My ac won’t turn off, even when I switch it to off
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