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Just been told after oil change at Firestone I need both struts and shocks. I have never driven on rough roads, mostly highways and major metropolitan streets and freeways. I have not noticed any problems with how car handles or rides.
No air conditioning
I have a 2013 honda odyssey the check battery sensor is on how do i get it off
shows on the dash
I drove too long with the intake air box cracked but also there's oil by components from someone not putting stick all the way in
Heater comes out warm on passenger side but blows cold on driver side is there something to do with the dual zone control the numbers go up and down but doesn't change
I removed it for repair and the XM radio went away [I have a current subscription]
At first it was just hard to open and then gradually the handle would not work at all. I need to know how to fix the problem and how much it would cost?
All the time engine light is Lways on
There is no pattern to this problem. The Honda repair says it works every time I take it in.
The back unit works perfectly.
2001 Odyssey 3.5. Getting P0401 EGR Flow. Found some oil in the square port of the EGR valve / thermostat manifold. Also there is air passing between square port and round port of same, when air nozzle is used to blow through round port.
Are the two ports supposed to communicate or has the manifold cracked or corroded.
Where is the oil coming from?
Im going to replace lower intake gasket.
My car's battery dies,recharged battery,I run my car to Smog Check Station for renew registration test. Test was fail because car need more time to RESET Computer .
I don't know how to Reset Computer System
Ac compressor stuck engaged. Clutch is gone, along with bearing. Ac was disconnected by a wire. But must have stayed engaged and stuck, nothing will get it to un engage and I've lost my clutch in the process. I need to get it out of engaged and by pass the ac system for now. How do I do this ? Really loud scrapping/grinding noise. First noticed 2 months ago and it was the ac unit grinding metal. So disconnected unit. Noticed again today and realized the clutch is gone and the ac is engaged and won't then off. Please help. Stays on when car is idealing, running. Ac turned on, Ac turned off.
The gasket O rings get pinched and won't seat evenly. I used a 27 mm socket to tap them into place.
engine runs hot
after turn car off there is no fan on in engine compartment
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