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I just replace the motor in my Nissan truck and it was driving well I went down to the store when inside came back out and went to put it in reverse and it wouldn't go into any gear it's like it's stuck in neutral you can hear the motor it's running great I'll check the flywheel to torque converter the starter the shifter but can't find what would cause it. Can someone please help
Periodically my car won't go into second gear. It's like it's stuck and won't accelerate (it revs up but doesn't accelerate or shift to second). I have to pull over, put it in park and then it works. I've had my transmission fluid looked at and they said it was the perfect color and not burnt at all.
Car runs at a high rpm while I am driving and stays that way
A.C. Quit working , I can't find the Low side fill port to add refridgerant.
Please I need hel
It was sitting for a while before I bought it & the guy I bought it from is a car dealer/brake specialist but keeps trying to figure out the issue. The car would run for a good 10 minutes & then start locking.
Fan does not turn on now. Could it be the switch or fan that broke?
My radio, windshield wipers work intermittently. I have to shut the car off and barely turn the ignition to get them to work and when I turn it all the way over, they cut off.
Please help and suggest a repair shop near90004.

It's a 1995 nissan 240sx, 5 speed automatic transmission.
seems to be an electrical problem need help
After giving it gas even the windshield wprs cycle and the door chimes, all guages come on, voltage at batt is 11.5, at alt. output is 14.4, also runs shaky after putting it into gear(auto trans)cleaned iacv and other intake components, been on a bunch of forums, this isnt my first car job, so i need some upper tier mech help
I have cleaned the battery grounds and cables before, and the problem stopped. But that no longer fixes the problem
If I let it run at idle its fine but when I rev it up and let off it just cuts off, I thought it may have been because it didn't have back pressure but I put my 3inch catback on it and it helped but it still dies off fuel is good spark is good air is good . I don't know if it could just need tuned or what but I need help
I have to dis connect the ground feom batter before leaving the car
The bracket is attached to the clutch pedal with a pin and cotter pin pin and connects to push rod. It broke and I'm trying to remove bracket it and find one to replace it. Clutch pedal is on floor because of broken bracket. Can't seem to get broken one off.
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