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1991 Toyota mr2, w21 non turbo, 81,900 miles
I'm going to look at a mr2 mk2 and the oil sensor in the sump is leaking is this a big fix or will it be easy to sort

I have a 1991 Toyota MR2 that I wrecked in rain due to bad tires. Repaired front end but after putting together the vehicle won’t crank or starter won’t click. All lights work, wipers work, windows work, heater and all interior works. Ext. what do I need to check? Or how to diagnose. I switched out the starter relay, replaced efi relay. Only noises I get is when the key is in the on posioon looking st the battery just down and to the right there is a a box of some sort that buzzes
i have a 1990 toyota mr2.ive notice two battery lights on the dash a red and orange.when i start the car the orange light stays on.the battery voltage indicator needle shows a bit over the half way mark however everythings working ok the dash lights,head & indicator lights all work fine.any idea what this colud be id greatly appreciate your feedback.thanks in advance.
The car is perfectly running when the engine is cold. After about 10-15km running, then the problem arises where the car is experiencing jerking and loss of power. What is the problem?. However, it is no issue on idle during either cold or hot engine.
1. Fuel pump is already replaced new
2. spark plugs are already replaced new (4 nos)
3. Plug's cable is new and tested OK.
Which belt would it be and can it be tightened.
My mom's '93 Mr2 with 52k on it has the powersteering light come on for extended periods of time and then will go off. While this is occurring, the car has no power steering either. What can be causing this problem? Not one service tech can figure this problem out. If it matters, she purchased this car when it was new.
When I accelerate it stays on, but also jilts when going to 2nd and 3rd.
Have a 93 toyota mr2 this alternator belt broke one day on my way home replace the built the next day the car wouldn't start check the main alternator 20 amp fuse was blown replaced but the car still will not crank will turn over but wont start what could be the problem also I replaced the distributor cap rotor button and wires and plugs holding one of my old plugs and spark plug wire against the motor the motor does have spark was just checking something pulled the number 2 and number 3 plug wire and swap them in the car halfway started what could be the problem
I purchased a 93 MR2 from a friend. It has not been started in 1.5 yrs. Before it was put into storage, the owner did disconnect the battery. I plan on picking the car up Feb 17, 2015. Besides purchasing a new battery, what else should I check for in order to get the car running? The car was running great prior to storage.
not sure what it could be I have replaced the throttle position sensor, EGR vacuum solenoid, plugs and wires, transmission shift solenoids, distributor cap and rotor button, coil pack ,flushed and clean engine and tranny inside and out , and still having the same problem . the car starts and runs great but when put in gear stalls out will drive in L, and once little past 20 miles per hour able to put it in D and it will drive but has hardly any power.
Anyone know what it could possibly be?
Having issues starting up the cars most as it is, but now when the car is idling under 1000 after a warm up idle it stalls out and it wont start up again. Most days it has a hard time starting up as it is could these factor the same problem?
if hold throttle to stop it stalling when warmed up its perfect
If I shut the car off and let it sit for a few minutes, then start it back up I can drive it for a few miles before it does it again. Could this be the shift solenoid? or is my transmission going out? I have changed out the trans filter and did a flush. This doesn't happen all the time, it's sporadic. Thank you.
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