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It feels like Im going over those safety ridges on side of a highway...keeps you from running off road
First time this has ever happened. No strange sounds heard. No noticeable decrease in volume. Just total silence from anything that could make a sound.
when i first attempted to start the car it acted as though the engine was trying to start but just sounded very weak before it would then just shut down and it would just start making a clicking noise while trying to start, i tried to boost car but same thing is still happening, could it still be battery or fuse box shows it has fuse for batt:1-2-3, am totally confused, not a technician, which goes without saying but if it is half way simple am always ready to do what i can to save a repair bill,(retired) any help would be appreciated
When I come to a stop I can not run the steering wheel.
On my Buick 2011 Enclave, the heater and the A/C works fine BUT the air is only directed on the floor vents.The defroster air is limited as is the front vents.The blower is blowing strongly, it is just with a minimum of air flow.
upon ignition the defroster starts and has to be manually turned off so the ac will come on.
Fan motor works but no hot air.
Put in a new battery and now my 2011 enclave will not turn over.
makes a noise sometimes cant explain, has started pulling to the right
I have a 2009 Buick Enclave. The radio only has a cd/aux butting no DVD option. The DVD player is an audiovox. How do I hear the DVD. Movie player comes in but even the headphones are fuzzy and can't hear anything.
First time this happened as wife coming home from church 3 miles away and coming up drive [300 foot drive] and half way up it slowed down to a stop and it wouldn't go forward or backward and check engine light came on.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing it won't move
How long have you had this problem? never
Is there a leveling system? Can happen while driving on in parking lot. Starting to occur more frequently.
How long have you had this problem? over 1 year
I cannot open the cuff to gain access to the rear turn signal light to replace it.
The heat or air is not blowing in the rear of our 2013 enclave. Do you think it is a fuse blown?
How long have you had this problem? It just started today
how much to fix???
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