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The car doesnt do this all the time. It wont shift between gears 3-5
cannot find the low side port for the AC
The sound on my radio stopped, and I am wondering about repair costs associated with the amplifier.
I just recharged the Freon, but it only seems to work for the front. Is there a separate recharge point for the rear?
I own a 2009 Buick Enclave and we get extremely hot temperatures in the summer where I live sometimes at 113 Farenheit, The manual recommends 5W-30 but that is not for these extremely hot temperatures, what oil type do you recommend? 5W-40?
the message appears everytime I open the key and it dosnt go off
My AC is not working properly it is blowing out hot air out if the driver side and cold from the passenger side. I also got a battery signal and an energy saver signal. Not sure what is wrong because I am still getting the signals even when the AC is off.
My ac is blowing hot air on the driver side and cold air on the passenger side. I am also getting signals like energy saver on and the battery signal. The battery is new???
My car just turn just one and it won’t start what is turning over in the battery is brand new and I we can’t figure out why won’t start
the radio was working fine when I shut it off last night. the lights and everything work, just no sound coming out.
what’s the problem
Incoming text won’t work. Please resolve the problem.
It happens the second she turns on ignition until she shuts it off.
No power, I'm thinking something electrical or a relay or motor but wanted to get an ipinion
tried all various settings to get heat on passenger side but to no avail? Wife not very happy, life not very happy!
mileage 59,250
first engine mount replaced in 11/2015 at 42,000 miles.
Is this a common repair at such low mileage?
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