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My father works in northern Ohio and lives in southern Ohio, can he tow his bmw with a tow dolly??
the ac just started getting warm air then the ac stopped working at all no blower either
None of my key fob's will work. I purchased a brand new key from the dealership and they can't get it to sync to the car either. They said that it might be a module because all of the fuses are ok. The locks will lock and unlock with the key or by pressing the central locking button inside the car. Another mechanic has told me that it does not sound like a general module problem. I asked him about the FZV antenna module (amplifier) and he said that those rarely go bad. Would anybody have an idea of what is wrong or what to check next?
will sometimes go into limp mode and this light comes on
alarm went off door wont open how do I fix
lock keys in car alarm went off now door wont open
nlock keys in car trying to get in the alarm went off now cant manualy open door

How long have you had this problem? A day
What could it be
The car wouldn't go in gear start idling high steam from the hood

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Manual transmission BMW 530i will not go in gear
How long have you had this problem? Just happened
and the brake pedal goes way down, almost to the floor, I put fluid in it last night and its doing the same BS, what could it be?
I had the vehicle jumped, but now I have no stereo or communication all I have is a blank screen.
the screen comes up disc not supported
Where's the engine coolant fan RELAY on a 2002 bmw 530i
Received a error message that transmission failed and to drive moderately.
The air will not heat up unless my car is running
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