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I have a 2007 bmw 530i Transmission fault alert came on . so I pulled over parked and turned of engine. Restarted the car and shift gears are locked. Had to manually release the gear out of park. What is the problem and how do I did it .
When i start car radiator fan turns on and rotates slow enough i can stop it with my hand , car isnt over heating ?
When i start my car my radiator fan is moving slow enough i can stop it with my hand when its usually spinning really fast , dont think it is the fan clutch because the car isnt over heating?
Fixed to vacuum leak got new plugs new mass air sensor New valve cover gasket has something to do with air fuel mixture when first cranked then adjusted self what could that be
The car is running fine, but I'm being told by my mechanic that the Transmission should be serviced, at a cost of $610.00, or you could start having problems.
I don't know if i am in the right place never ask a question on a forum b4.

I just bought my first bmw. The guy told me the starter is bad, when I got the car home the engine block was busted; I always wanted a bmw but I am not familiar with the car I am more so used to honda's engine, replacing them and rebuilding them; but it seems bmw is a whole new ball game. I've read different forums and articles to get familiar with the engines but I'm still lost. I saw an engine on facebook  with a blown head gasket for 300, it comes out of a 2001 330i.
I have a couple question.
1. will it fit 
2. what is dynamic control
3. what are all the engines or engine blocks with modification  
4. I was wondering how difficult it is to replace the headgasket and drop it into my 04 bmw 530i.
Cold or warm idle
fluctuates when starting
how to release the key /
locked keys in trunk and trunk release button makes clicking sound but will not open trunk
Call me
Park light inside car will not go out. Is this draining battery
Heater not working. Blower blows cold air. I have the dial on dash set to hot and thermostat controls to 90°farenheit nothing but cold air(As I live in a cold climate).
Anti freeze was low just bought a cheap kind already premised just to see if there would be a slight change in temp. None occurred. Car has no leaks not strange No strange noises. Fuses all good. As are relays.
Temperature is set @ 78F and it takes about 2 hrs to see results. Usually set temp b/w 72-75F
My father works in northern Ohio and lives in southern Ohio, can he tow his bmw with a tow dolly??
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