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The diagnostic was made at a Nissan dealership and they ask for $430 for the replacement. Can other places do this type of work?
In the 6 months that I have had my 2014 Juke SL, I have had a dead battery, & my mileage has gone from 22 1/2 mpg down to less than 17 mpg in the normal driving mode. Much worse in the econo mode! Been to the dealer for service twice, nothing fixed except new battery. Car has 2000 miles on it. Dealer says mileage will improve in time. B.S.! P.S. The field in the "tell us your car" doesn't have allowance for "Juke"
My Nissan Leaf (10,000 miles less than two years) has a braking issue, and has been in the Nissan dealership shop for 10 days so far (god help me on the bill!). It has never been in an accident or run over a curb.

It seems to slide a little when you brake, and the brakes do not catch right away (1/2 second delay). Now the computer does not see that you have pressed the brakes AT ALL, so the car cannot be started. Nissan, and nissan USA have been unable to figure out what is going wrong, and as the leaf is a radically new model I cannot take the car to another service location, like an independent garage.

Obviously the computer being unaware of the brakes is an obvious safety issue, so I want it repaired correctly, but after 10 days and no ideas, I am concerned that Nissan is clueless on this, or that it is a large enough item that it is scaring them. Has anyone else had a similiar problem?
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