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How to program the automatic door lock & unlock when car is shifted from park to in gear & back to park? on 2018 Toyota Camry xse
car misses when in Park or idling and some when going down the road. it runs great when I give it more gas (put my foot into it).
Can’t hear the fuel pump engage, and car won’t start
The security light continues to flash after removing the ignition key, until you start the car again. Stays on even when you lock the doors.
the seat is moving freely
car has 84,000 miles should the transmission be serviced ie: flush, fluid replaced etc
I took my 2007 Hybrid Camry to be diagnosed at the local Toyota dealer. The diagnostic codes indicated POA7F and POA80. They quoted me too much money to replace the hybrid batter plus they said it only had a 1-yr. warranty. My car has 86,500 miles. Do I have any other options since there is not a certified hybrid mechanic within 350+ miles of Destin, FL. I probably will keep the car for 1-2 more years.
Our 2003 toyota camry gave us trouble with a trac off vsc or vcs light coming on. The issues were when we first start car for the day and not having enough power to acclerate and it feeling a big jolt then when slowing down to a stop and turning a puttering clicking type of sound happens. But after we stop turn it off and restart it it drives fairly fine except when trying to go up hill the speed starts to drop down staying stuck at 40-50mph. We got it read and found that hoses by air filter were off and keep poping off. So it was suggested to change o2 sensor b1 s1. Also the 3& 5 spark plugs misfiring. We replaced them and air filter via diy. We believe we replaced the o2 sensor correctly. Well after all that we start the car and nothing has changed and now we feel a slight shaking in the car. We are on a tight budget so diy is our best option.
New battery and alternator. Won’t crank. Horn or lights will not wrk
I have 2 1994 Toyota Camry's one had good engine and one had a good transmission both started and ran one just blew oil from hole in block but did run and the other one ran fine but had no drive. Swapped engines and the only difference one had an internal coil and the other external coil tryed it with both coils still wouldn't start but come to find out there was no spark and no fuel what could be causing this please any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance
Where is the RFI capacitor for the 1996 Toyota Camry located?
My car is a Toyota Camry 2005 and the cigarette lighter outlet and the other two outlets do not work what should I do
There was no loud sound and the engine runs fine but when you place it into park the emergency brake must be used to keep it from rolling. Whats wrong and what needs to be repaired?
when you try to crank it turns but total different sound pulled one of the plug had some oil on it
When I turn on headlights, dash lights go off, but only at night.
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