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Check engine light code comes up p441
When i drive for a while,, then i get to traffic,, My Car starts shaking,, then the meter starts going up and down,, till it gets too low and goes off, it happens more when my AC is on,, or i am standstill and i start turning my steering right and left,, it keeps shaking ,,then goes off,, I have changed injector head over and over again,, i really feel thats not the problem,, could it be the alternator?? Cos i think all this issues started when i had an issue with my alternator,,and changed it,,
It doesn't happen all the time on and off for two years the car never runs hot it has over 150,00o miles on it last week I was low on my oil 2 quarts that has never happened I usually have my oiled changed professionally but have not in the last 6 months
The engine takes too long to start. It turns over normally and starts up normal most of the time and sometimes it takes about 2 or 3 tries before it starts up.
I changed out alternator and battery it still doesn't seem to have sufficient power everything runs to slow windows radio,seat
. my camry needed a new battery. It ran perfect earlier. the existing battery was 5 years old. if after installing the new one it now stalls. It will stay running if I rev it up. please advise.
Blinkers not working, when I put fuse in it fail.
Oil was put in my radiator by mistake & I can’t seem to
Get it out & I flushed it
2002 4cyl Camry hesitating at 1st gear
My air and heat was working good and just stopped
Power steering pump leaks and wondering if a new one would be better than a remanufactured one?
I recently replaced all 4 of my ignition coils and had all of my spark plugs replaced as well, but now it's starting to misfire again and the check engine light is on. It runs smooth a while but then misfires especially while going uphill. What else could be going wrong with my 2003 Toyota Camry?
I bought a car and it ran fine, it needed a new battery. The car sat for several months, we charged the battery and started it several times until i got a new battery. We recently replaced the battery and now it won't start. Lights work and car doors unlock and it dings when the key is in the ugnition. But it won't start, no click or turning over at all. All fuses have been checked and are good. Suggestions on what to check next? I thought it may be a security setting but i can't find any info about it.
This year was a very bad year for the Camry. I am looking to replace the engine with a toyota engine from a different year. What engine replacement would be compatible with my Camry?
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