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the boot refused to lock after several ly slammed
Being told there is dust on my brake calipers what is this caused by. Brakes were making noise.
Does the harmonic balancer position determine spark
My 1997 camry starts but dose not move when put into gear the idle the car stays the same
It cranks but won't start. A few days ago it started on the first try. Now it won't start.
That about covers it. Oil change was yesterday. They charged $56. Today, my maintenance light is on.
I was drive down the interstate going 80 with cruise on. All of a sudden all the gauges went to 0. I pulled to the side of the road and it wouldn't start back. A few hours had past and it finally started but would go when put in reverse, drive, second, or low.
My 2011 Toyota Camry check engine light and slip indicator light have been on for about 4 days. Suddenly, today, my car is stalling or the engine dies while I am driving! I can turn the key to off, then back on to start and drive, but it dies again after driving some more. What is going on?
Tapping noise is always there, just don`t hear when driving but when idle or first starting the car it is very annoying .
Someone said it might be a bad pulley or a valve is tapping.
when i step on the gas, i some times here a noise , sounds like playing cards in a bicycle wheel spoke, or like a dead battery trying to start up a car, its not constant but its becoming more and more, please help
I started observing a rise in temperature when I speed drops when I reduce speed
When taking off the car has no power at all until higher rpms. Will shift through all gears perfect but will not shift into overdrive. Check engine light is on and the code its throwing says knock sensor.
I just want to know the location of the ignition coil that fires #4 Cyl on my 1998 V6 3.0 Camry XLE
My car will not start unless jumped prior to this occurring I lost the usage of power windows and all of the gauges on my dashboard .I now have a brand new alternator a brand new battery but still unable to start without a jump start what is the root problem?
I was driving my 1999 Toyota Camry 6 cylinder on the freeway when a bad knocking sound came from engine car died fluid rapidly leaking car overheating now won't start continue leaking fluids overheating and bad knocking noise when I turn the key but car wont start
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