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It’s onlu when going at slower speeds that my car pulls. It don’t going at higher speeds. All Tires are at regular pressure
replaced ignition module/ignitor and ignition coil, still has no spark
Toyota hasnt been starting without being also stalls when getting off the freeway. I did all the basic troubleshooting... not the starter, alternator or battery. Theres a check enging light on, and the ecm needs to be replaced. I replaced the ecm two years ago. Could i just reprogram the ecm that already in there, or do i need to get a whole new one>
Is my transmission too low if it is six inches from the ground
Car has been serviced only at the dealership at Toyato Walser In Bloomington we don’t trust The small shops recommended.
My friend starts my car 4 or 5 times a day just to sit in it and smoke a cigarette is that adding excessive wear-and-tear to the starter the battery and the muffler that already has a hole in it
The car is Toyota Camry 2003(big daddy)
(1) Repair front passenger door/lock handle? (2) Replace logo located in front grille? and (3) Replace rear bumper?
I comes on then stops when I shut it off then I turn it on won’t come on unless I pull on wipers or li
The problem is always worst in the cold morning and i will remove the battery head and put it back before the car will start, i need to repeat this process for about 6 to 7 times every morning before the car will steady for more than a minute. I have changed my fuel pump, cold starter sensor and have cleaned the crankshaft sensor yet no avail. I really need a help as this is so frustrating.
Just needs replacing wont start
the radio will accept a CD and eject CD but it will not play all the while the display says CD is in even when just playing the radio..
this problem occurred out of the blue without warning.
So a friend tells me his 95 camry 4cyl just wont run. Its getting fuel it has great spark but doesnt run even using starting fluid it doesnt even try to fire. Any suggestions?
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