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a blue thermostat lights up in dash for a minute then goes away when i turn on car.. what does this mean? low on antifreeze? I have a 2005 Scion Xa.
My dash light and tail lights went out all of a sudden. The brake lights and rest of my lights are working fine. I took it to the auto parts store and have them check the fuses, I replaced the 10 amp fuses but that did not solve the problem. What else would I need to check into?
Also a red ight that stays on, I don't have a manual as I'm not the original owner.
All other lights seem to work properly but the high beams only operate with the momentary switch when you pull it towards you. You can not turn them on fully either. The fuses are good and I have not located a relay of any kind. Are they controlled through the computer? I seem to have 12v constant at the connector suggesting the negative is the switched portion? I'm trying to fix this quickly for my mother and can't afford to just throw money at it. HELP
My 2004 scion xa manuel transmission will crank but not start its not showing rpms power.
If memory serves, in a 2005 Scion xA, if you leave your key in the ignition, leave the headlights on, don't buckle-up, etc., there are audio alerts that should sound; I'm not hearing any for any of them. That being the case--and suspecting a blown fuse since _all_ those items are affected--I looked in the Owner's Manual and there's no mention (in the back) of a dedicated fuse for those items.

What should be next in the troubleshooting chain to find the culprit?
belt is tight and in good condition, battery checks out as good, alternator is showing as ok
I can not activate my control of the keys
How do I fix this replace camshaft sensor or oil pressure timeing chain valve sensor on 1.5 4 cyl 2005 scion?
but the A/C fuse 7.5 Amp it doesn't have power
The windows act like they have run out of power while moving. They only move a little at a time and you have to wait and then it will move a little more. This doesn't happen all the time.
Have added coolant with no effect.
When I shift into gear the car doesn' t move in any gear. Its an automatic.
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