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2 owners, clean carfax
Have a loud rattle in the rear of the car. 2007 Volvo V50, change rear breaks and hardware and it still rattles
Start to drive and then slow down or shift up error code comes up have to stop the car and it sputters before you stop it then when you start it back up it runs fine for a while till it happens again
whe using the kep fob and locking the car it will lock but does not make a noise such as a horn blowing to signify to me it is locked
On idle, slow move or stopped at a stop light, the Air Conditioned gets warmer or no cold air and my setting was the Lo settings.
The AC works again after I am out of traffic. My mechanic has ruled out the compressor clutch. They hooked a meter up to it and found it does not get power when the ac stops working. To me it seems like something is getting too hot and turns off the ac. My mechanic is stumped. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I had a full front end replacement done 4 years ago. Lifetime warranty Monroe shocks\struts and other for what that's worth. I regularly rotate tires but seem to need all 4 replaced almost annually. What is my problem?
Just like to know if I need to tune after replacement and if yes, can I drive the car to the garage to do these.
There is no moisture in the skylight area, nor the front or side windows. Only lots of water in the foot wells
This happened without warning. My alarm light is off too and the alarm is sounding without warning at times. It has 95000k
My wife is 350 miles away, otherwise I'd go look myself. She noticed a couple of spots of yellow fluid in the snow under the car this AM. She said they are on the driver's side behind the driver's door. The only thing I could think of would be brake fluid, but I don't know the car well enough yet to say for sure. Could there be something else leaking from that location? Are there brake line joints in that area? Thanks!
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